The weirdest job interview answers

Back in January, you may have read ‘The weirdest job interview questions’.  Inevitably, this was to form part of a two-part (mini) blog series, to be completed once we had come across some weird interview answers.  Enter an article in the Evening Standard last week.  Whilst the following are questions you may expect to hear in an interview, the answers are clearly not what the interviewer was expecting…

When asked what animal you would be, the candidate responded:

“A squirrel.”

When asked why do you want to work for us, the candidate responded:
“I don’t think I want to work for you any more.”

When asked what your main weakness is, the candidate responded:

“I am allergic to peanuts.”

When asked to describe yourself in three words, the candidate responded:

“Tall, dark and handsome.”

When asked what further questions you had, the candidate responded:

“Can you book me a taxi?”

When asked what your hobbies and interests are, the candidate responded:

“Pubs, Marlboro Lights and red wine.”

Clearly it would have been difficult for the interviewer not to start laughing but the answers given above are demonstrative of what exactly not to do in an interview when asked a general question.  There is no such thing as a perfect interview, as it is a two way process, but it doesn’t help to try and develop answers.  An interview is trying to probe gaps in your CV and find out as much about you as they can.  Answer honestly but be positive and be sure to develop your answers beyond the mundane.  Turn weaknesses into positives by stating that you have overcome them.  Yes, you might be allergic to peanuts, but it is unlikely the interviewer cares, or that your internship would involve eating them…

Be prepared to ask relevant questions. If you feel all your questions have been answered by the interviewer, or by the research you did on the company beforehand, then take the opportunity to show your enthusiasm and interest. There may be aspects of the internship that you would like to discuss or you may wish to ask general questions about the working culture.  If the interview asks a personal question, feel free to explain that you would rather not answer that particular question.  Likewise, it is probably not wise to ask if your interviewer is single, for example…

And if you were wondering, I’d be a shark.