New York – concrete jungle

¡Buenos días amigos!

Thank you for tuning into my second blog, coming all the way from Mexico City!

So the story so far goes like this. We touched down at Newark Airport NYC at 21:00 local time, and were warmly greeted by the immigration officers. Then came our first challenge, navigating the subway from the airport to our hostel in downtown Brooklyn. We felt like extras from 8 mile. Probably the most intimidating experience of the trip so far.

As expected we have been complete tourists since being in NYC. Sights visited (whilst promoting internships with our Inspiring t shirts!) include the 9/11 memorial, Liberty & Ellis Islands, the Empire State Building (where we made a number of jokes about King Kong not being there, all of which were found hilarious by the security guards) as well as Central Park and Times Square.

Thursday night was spent at Yankee Stadium, watching the Yankees demolish the Baltimore Orioles 6-5 in overtime. We spent the whole evening ´whoopin´ and a-hollerin´ wearing our Yankee shirts, but occasionally let the ball slip by shouting something British like “splendid shot to long on, well played sir.”

The weekend saw yet more tourist activities, ´I love NY´ t-shirts were purchased, just after breakfast at a diner, where I ate my body weight in French toast and bacon. The penultimate night in New York we decided to go to a comedy club with a German girl we met in the hostel. The evening was good, apart from the fact I had to explain each punch line to her. After trying to lose her for a few hours, we ended up at a club on Times Square, where it in fact turned out we had gate crashed a ladies 30th birthday party, but luckily they enjoyed our British accents,  so were allowed to stay and were even given cake!

Final night in NYC we headed back to our roots in Brooklyn, where we stayed at one of the guys I´m travelling with (Andy) relatives. This was a pretty surreal night, as we had been lost trying to find where they lived for a good few hour s turned up to two hours late, and expected a nice relaxing evening, due to our flight to Mexico City at 06.30 the following morning. Unfortunately, this wasn´t the case.  My companion´s cousin – a fully fledged Brooklynite – had planned a big night out for us.  We managed to get fifteen minutes sleep before we had to leave for the airport at 03.45…

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Next blog will be about Mexico City. Any travel tips for Latin America, please comment on this post!

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