SEO and PPC- the perfect profession for people with a passion for numerical analysis

Does the mere mention of SEO or PPC make you salivate wildly like a Pavlovian dog?  Perhaps you have a soft spot for numbers, tables and graphs? If the answer is yes to either of these questions then your destiny might just lie in SEO or PPC.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and its sole purpose is to maximise the visibility of a website on search engine result pages aka SERPs. Search engines like Google will trawl through the entire internet, looking for keywords found on websites. A keyword is a word that describes what your site is about. For Inspiring Interns our keywords might be ‘interns’,’ internships’ and ‘graduates’. Sites crammed with keywords are found more easily by search engines and positioned higher up on SERPs. The higher up your site, the easier it is for people to find/visit you.   A SEO manager will  tag keywords onto videos or blog posts and can imbed them into website’s HTML. Another technique SEO managers use is called link-baiting. This is where a website’s URL is placed on neighbouring sites. People can find your site more easily by clicking through from other related places on the web.  So why is SEO on everyone’s lips?  It is a hugely effective way to increase traffic to your site. Moreover if you are an e-commerce then it is a great way for potential customers to find you.  SEO is cost-free and classed as a ‘natural search’, as opposed to PPC which is paid for and called a ‘paid search’.

PPC’s aims are the same as SEO – to maximise the visibility of a website. PPC managers pay for sponsored links that are found at the top of or the right hand side of SERPs. You can bid for the position of your sponsored link against competitors’ sites that have similar keywords, or pay a flat fee paying for every time someone clicks on your link.  PCC is perfect for number-crunchers because statistical analysis is often required by clients to analyse the true value/efficiency of a PPC campaign, in terms of resulting sales and page views. Both SEO and PPC are highly numerical and you’ll need razor sharp analytical skills and fantastic attention to detail to excel in these roles. Because SEO and PPC are cost effective and yield measurable results, they are very popular with marketing managers and are therefore growing rapidly as an industry.

At Inspiring we have lots of meaningful internships than evolve into entry-level roles in this innovative industry. Make sure you pop your CV over to our team, if you are looking for a foot in the door. We love helping graduates in any way that we can!