Brilliant Intern

How to get the best internships and make them count

Brilliant Intern is the essential guide on how to get the best internships and make them count. We realised a while ago there was very little advice out there for students and graduates who wanted to do an internship but didn’t really know where to start. Let’s face it – it can be a confusing area. So the head of our Manchester office, Andrew, sat down and wrote down all the things we’ve learnt about doing internships from working with thousands of interns and hundreds of companies.

The result is Brilliant Intern. It is the only careers book on the market dedicated to internships and, though we say so ourselves, we think it’s pretty good. It is divided into three sections: how to find the right internship; what to do while you’re there; and what to do at the end of it. Each part is bursting with practical advice and tips that will help you secure the best internship possible and, hopefully, set you on the path to your first job.

Brilliant Intern is available in all good book stores, online, and now in Kindle format. So no excuse to miss out on all the cracking advice!

About the author

Andrew Scherer the head of our Manchester office. Having joined the company as an intern himself and worked his way up the ranks to our marketing manager before leaving to head up our Manchester office towards the end of 2013, he has developed a great understanding of internships, both from the perspective of an intern and of an employer. He also completed a year-long internship in Munich so is able to offer an international perspective on graduate employment issues. Having previously worked as a journalist we have been led to believe his writing is OK too. Andrew has a BA (hons) in German from the University of Bristol.

If you have any questions you can find him on Twitter (@scheza). Inspiring Interns is not responsible for the content of external Internet sites. Particularly Andrew’s.

The author - Andrew Scherer