SaaS Sales Exuctive

Title: SaaS Sales Exuctive | £18K-£22K | SaaS | West London

Industry: Sales

Role/Sector: Sales   |   Business development   |   Customer services   |   Digital

Location: West London

Placement: Internship (going permanent)

Duration: 6 months

Salary: £18,000 - 22,000 (per annum)

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Information on the company

We are a software solutions business that has been around for 24 years and remain dedicated to digital innovation.

We have invested over this time in building Our Platform (Java Spring Framework) that is increasingly in demand in the post Covid-19 bounce back by configuring our platform to then charge a software licence for the resulting solution.

We sell our software and Platform solutions into 6 verticals: Healthcare; Transport; Finance; Public sector; Venues & events; retail.

We recently won an Innovate UK grant for 3 Covid-19 mobile apps plugged into our Platform which are now being sold internationally.


How you expect the candidate to spend their day:
While we remain locked down they can work at home until we decide to meet up perhaps 1 or 2 days a week. We have a Wework office in west London but are not using it at present.
The ideal candidate’s personality and qualifications:
Bright, intuitive, positive, energetic, brave and looking for a challenge to succeed as well as learn.
We need the very brightest, most organised and enthusiastic post-graduate to join our ‘sales’ team and work with 2 senior sales execs and our sales channel partners to maximise a unique post Covid-19 opportunity with our company.
There are no formal qualifications. However, these are some preferred options
  • (1) Experience in public and private sector software sales
  • (2) Good on the phone
  • (3) Red hot in terms of documentation using digital technologies including
  • (4) LinkedIn;
  • (5) Databasing;
  • (6) Messaging;
  • (7) Pipedrive lead generation and
  • (8) Business intelligence search engine for finding leads.
We run sales on Pipedrive and they would then nurture these leads ultimately to be handed onto the senior sales execs to close....unless they can do this themselves once they understand The Platform. There will be much zoom/team/etc etc

Contract 6 months
What are the perks of working at this company?
  • Commissioned based selling an option to consider if money is the perk you are after.
  • Happy to consider a 4-day week as sales can be hard work.
  • At home rather than in an office
  • It will be a challenge but if interested in digital transformation you should enjoy the ride.
  • Bright and fun personalities who will respect you and help as team players where they can.
  • We are pivoting and cutting edge to some and this is a defining moment to see it close up.
  • The reward of selling is a perk to some.
  • If this works there is a permanent opportunity at the end and not necessarily in Sales but probably.
Questions for applicants to think about:
  • We have a new sales strategy; a new sales team and new ambitions is this what you want to be involved in?
  • Do you understand The Platform well enough to sell it. What do you need to know?
  • How come "The Platform" has survived so long but not grown faster?
  • Do you really want to sell? We all want to work and earn but we don’t all necessarily want to sell.
  • We are innovators and not sales orientated… this has to change can you help us?

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