Front & Back End Developer

Title: Front & Back End Developer | £40K - £50K | App Tech | Remote Working

Industry: IT and programming

Role/Sector: Back-end coding   |   Front-end coding   |   IT & computing   |   Project management

Location: Sussex

Placement: Graduate job (permanent)

Salary: £40,000 (per annum)

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Information on the company

A digital guest welcome book for owners and managers of short-term rentals.They
have over 6,000 active properties using the service.

This industry is an exciting and fast changing sector with huge opportunities for SaaS products such as this one.


You will be the lead front and back end developer on projects for this fantastic mobile app company:

  • The successful candidate will be responsible for maintaining and developing the product.
  • They will be comfortable leading a development project and know how to build and maintain a Django REST API.
  • They will be flexible and creative in problem solving and understand that the needs of a start-up are focused on delivering features quickly and efficiently.
  • In the short/medium term the company will be upgrading to Python 3 and extending the REST API feature set. In conjunction with this the company will be redesigning the UX of the owner portal and on-boarding process for new customers.
  • The successful candidate will be comfortable building pages in vue.js from Django REST API endpoints.
  • The product needs to function seamlessly on a huge variety of devices, so extensive experience resolving cross-browser issue is essential.
  • They are a small team and the planning and development of all new features is a collaborative effort; ideally our front-end developer should have an interest in UX/UI to contribute to this.

This company understands that the web technology landscape changes quickly and that people make different choices in which toolsets to focus on. They are prepared to allow for a certain amount of "learning on the job".

If you lack direct experience in some of the specific areas mentioned but are confident in your ability to pick up new technologies on the fly then feel free to still apply. The broad criteria we are looking for is a general aptitude in modern web technologies, self-sufficiency and the ability to learn and adapt quickly.

Short/Mid Term Development Plans:

Current Tech: Python 2.7, Django 1.8, REST/SPA style on some key screens. Otherwise traditional server generated HTML.

  • Refactor to Python 3/Django 2 and extend the separation of front end from the back end.
  • Switch key front-end screens to Vue
  • Complete implementation of CI/CD
  • Upgrade payment platform to Stripe Checkout
  • Increase number of welcome book templates available
  • Integrations with Property Management Service APIs, ID Checking and Key code providers

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