Account Executive

Title: Account Executive | Fashion | £22K | Watford

Industry: Creative industries

Role/Sector: Marketing   |   Advertising   |   Account management   |   Retail

Location: North London

Placement: Graduate job (permanent)

Salary: £22,000 (per annum)

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Information on the company

Our client is a high street clothing retailer with hundreds of stores across the United Kingdom and Ireland.


This is a minimum 1yr placement with a 3 month probation period with the intention to turn permanent. The role is based in Watford with a starting salary of £22,000. 

What does the company do? 
Our client is a high street clothing and homeware retailer with hundreds of stores across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

How you can expect to spend your day: 

The candidate will mainly be working on internal communications through a mix of channels. However, as the account is fully integrated, there will also be opportunities to work on other more integrated consumer facing communication and owned channels such as email, social medias and website. 

Key Responsibilities will include mainly delivering and managing integrated communications across multi markets on a very fast paced account. Day to day responsibilities of the role include, but are not limited to: 
o    Briefing creative teams (with support from senior team members) 
o    Liaison with all Client Services departments 
o    Construction of client presentations with Agency recommendations (with support from senior team members) 
o    Artwork crafting and review with senior team members 
o    Final copy checking before Client submission 
o    Management of translations 
o    Management of Client approvals 
o    Status reports for use internally and with the client 
o    Liaison with partner agencies (production, translation, etc.), diverse internal departments including Brand&Marketing and 3rd party suppliers 
o    Construction of client presentations summarising materials produced for circulation within the organisation 

The ideal intern’s personality and qualifications: 

Essential Experience: 

All experience is a nice to have for this role as it is an entry level position.
o    Exposure to multiple channels including POS and integrated experience would be a benefit. 
o    Experience of playing a strong, supportive role within a dynamic account team, they will be responsible for the day to day work within the team. 
o    Ability to multi task, strong time management and attention to detail is absolutely essential. 
o    Financial: responsible for full admin of projects. It is essential to be buttoned down and view admin as an integral part of project management. 
o    Technical expertise: A good understanding of the process to produce communications would be beneficial. 
o    Strong proficiency in: Excel, Word and PowerPoint. 

Essential Skills/Competencies:

As an Account Executive, they will make things happen: perfect execution, on time, every time. Working with our resource manager they make sure everything happens on time.

They make things better: they think ahead, contingency plan and avoid problems. They push to get the best work out they can, knowing when and how to challenge appropriately. They show initiative.

They build strong relationships: they are likeable and trustworthy. They develop solid Client relationships based on their ability to deliver. They manage expectations. The trust they build with the Client allows them to sell better work. They are the voice of the Client inside the Creative Team and the voice of the Creative Team with the Client. Internally they forge strong relationships by being clear, honest and straightforward, democratic and unpolitical in how they deal with others and demonstrate a passion for and commitment to the work.

They behave glass half full and plan glass half empty: they are enthusiastic and upbeat with a can do attitude. They help to motivate the broader team through tricky times. They think ahead foreseeing problems before they occur. They understand the importance of the professional paranoia and the account person’s need to take responsibility, not to assume anything but to check and check again.

They are creatively passionate: they should be genuinely enthusiastic, curious and interested in all things creative, keeping up to date on what’s best in class across all disciplines. This passion should also manifest itself in strong creative judgement, a respect for the work and a dedication to making it as good as it possibly can be.


The candidate must:
•    Be a self-starter
•    Be diplomatic and gregarious 
•    Be able to build good relationships 
•    Have great attention to detail & be able to prioritise efficiently
•    Demonstrate a considered approach to problems and issues
•    Remain calm under pressure
•    Highly value collaboration 
•    Be prepared to roll up their sleeves
•    Be flexible/adaptable to ever changing circumstances
•    Be passionate about getting the job done right
•    Embrace admin and process
•    Finally, they’ve got to be fun to work with!

What are the perks of interning at this company? 
The company is in full expansion and as a result, have many opportunities arising continuously within the B&M department but also within the wider company. This is also a strong and sturdy role to have as a first experience within the working market. 

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