Brand Assistant

Title: Brand Assistant - Natural Cosmetics - London

Industry: Creative industries

Role/Sector: Advertising   |   Marketing   |   Media   |   PR

Location: Central London

Placement: Internship (going permanent)

Duration: 3 months

Salary: £17,000 (per annum)

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Information on the company

100% natural miracle balm for dry skin, luscious lips and glossy bits. Championed by celebrity make-up artists, nursing mothers & pharmacologists. Balm tackles dry, scaly, itchy, bruised & sore skin issues for men and women of all ages including babies. You can be confident that when you apply this balm it’s free from preservatives, additives, colouring agents or any perfumes


This is a 3 month paid internship. Salary: £17k - £22k pro rata depending on experience

This position is perfect for someone who is looking to boost their career in the Marketing, communications and PR industry. The in house Brand Manager will manage all areas of PR & Marketing with press, retailers, distributors and online. The founder is looking for someone who is creative to generate ideas, practical to implement them and analytical to monitor and improve their performance. 

How you can expect to spend your day:


  1. Conduct one interview a month of amazing & inspiring women
  2. Write up the interview
  3. Photograph the interviewee and post to website & social
  4. Channel out to PRESS & Database

Makeup Artist of the month:

  1. Build our stable of MUA’s
  2. Handle entries and participate on panel to vote for MUA of the month
  3. Build this platform
  4. Channel out to PRESS & Database

Social Media / Blogging

  1. Creating a social media monthly strategy and schedule
  2. Create the posts in psd or with photography and post to all our social media channels
  3. Script short videos
  4. Create articles on ‘Kissing…’


  1. Handle Press/Blogger enquiries
  2. Reach out to press/bloggers
  3. Write monthly Press Releases for distributors and press


  1. Work with our distributors on channelling our marketing ideas and social media ideas and building their monthly plans
  2. Check their monthly sales
  3. Check their forecasts


  1. Work with our retailers on marketing opportunities and ideas. Eg sampling initiatives, special promotional packaging, special imagery
  2. Check their online presentation of product is good


  1. Secure Awards
  2. Copyrighting for new products and existing products

The ideal intern's personality and qualifications:

  1. Excellent written and spoken English
  2. 6 months – 1 years' PR experience
  3. Knowledge of organic lifestyle and products is ideal
  4. Computer literate in Excel, Outlook, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn
  5. Photoshop and any animation software is also helpful
  6. You are organised & cheerful

What are the perks of interning at this company? 

  1. Potential to work from home 1 day a week
  2. Potential for a bonus at the end of the year pending performance

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