Property Management Assistant

Title: Property Management Assistant | £18K - £22K +bonus | Property | Canary Wharf|

Industry: HR and administration

Role/Sector: Admin   |   Operations   |   Customer services   |   Property

Location: East London

Placement: Graduate job (permanent)

Salary: £21,000 (per annum)

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Information on the company

Our client is a rapidly expanding company which manages a growing number of co-living properties in London and Manchester. They specialise in providing luxury living for Professionals. They believe that there is a better way for young professionals to live. It is more than just a house share, it’s a lifestyle and an experience.

Due to growth, they have exciting opportunities for individuals to work directly with senior management and directors in their Canary Wharf office.

Their team is rapidly growing in London & Manchester, yet they still embrace a start-up mentality. Their entrepreneurial spirit is just as strong as when they  started.


This is a permanent role offering £21K based in Canary Wharf


You will be working directly with the two Co Founders supporting them in the every day aspect of running a property business. The candidate will have a chance to learn and grow in a dynamic, fast paced environment where they will work on new and existing projects and influence the decisions made at both a strategic and practical level.

1.   Administration & Financial Control

  • Management of invoice tagging into accounts system
  • Management of tenant administration (new, renewal, end of contract) paperwork
  • Management of new property administration paperwork
  • Late Rent Payments follow ups –
  • If a tenant fails to pay their rent, make sure you follow up first and then accounts will take action afterwards

- Rent increase/decrease

  • Discuss if the rent needs to be increased or decreased for a tenant/property

  • Manage energy usage (electricity, gas, water)

  • Make the tenants aware to keep their energy usage low (turning off lights)

2.   General Property Management

  • Managing rental properties queries; both tenant and property-related
  • Keeping up to date with legal requirements i.e.
  • Gas safety, licensing, regulatory

  • Supervising general operations and management e.g. cleaning, maintenance, etc

  • Organise EPCs / floor plans

  • Complete EPCs/Floorplans for properties.

  • Organising photos/videos for new properties

  • Organise a photographer to take quality images for our clients properties

  • Attend and Lead the weekly Property Management meeting

3.   Marketing

  • Keep up to date with the marketing activities
  • Post and renew ads for vacant or soon-to-be vacant rooms

  • Generate new tenant leads through outbound messages, calls, social media, etc

  • To analyse market conditions

  • Analyse the market to see if the business needs to adjust anything to keep up to date

4.   Tenant Referencing/contracts

  • Drafting Contracts
  • Whenever a prospective tenant wants to rent a  room, draft a contract using company specified software

  • Confirming all Contracts contain 11 pieces of required information

  • Confirm the contracts that have been drafted

  • Negotiating contract renewals

  • Negotiate contract renewal whilst liaising with Accounts

  • Keeping an eye on tenancies which are ending soon in order to market the room

  • Keep an eye on expiring tenancies in order to market the roo

  • Deciding on tenants passing or failing referencing

  • Decide if we decide to pass or fail the tenant

  • Renewals

  • Discuss with accounts if we renew the contract, draft the renewal contract as well

  • Getting tenants to sign up to our direct debit processing system.

5.   Inventory management

  • Keys
  • Make sure you know where the keys are. Oversee the Assistant Property Manager

  •  Retrieve keys from building site/Project Manager

  • When a property is near completion, make sure you retrieve the keys

  • Organising replacement furniture

  • When furniture is broken, make sure you organise to replace it

  • Organising locksmiths

  • If locks need to be changed, arrange a locksmith to change the locks. Oversee the Assistant Property Manager

  • Getting keys cut when necessary

  • When a tenant loses his/her keys or when a new set of keys is requested, get  some cut. Oversee the Assistant Property Manager

6.   Tenant management

  • Managing Tenants
  • Keep the tenants happy. Oversee the Assistant Property Manage

  • Queries/issues

  • If the tenants have any issues or queries, assist them in the best way possible. Oversee the Assistant Property Manager

  • Every 6 months get together with tenants.

  • Arrange a get together per house every 6 months

  • Handling Complaints

  • When a tenant has a complaint, make sure to deal with it in the best way possible

  • Handling Emergencies

  • If there is an emergency, get on top of it and do everything you can to solve it

  • Act as liaison between tenants and landlords

  • Act as a middleman between the tenant and landlord when it’s needed. Make sure contact is clear

  • Evictions

  • When a tenant needs to be evicted due to some reason, make sure you follow and understand the eviction process

  • Redirecting tenants to the correct departments

  • When the tenants come to the wrong department, redirect them to the correct one

7.   Maintenance

  • Maintenance System

  • Inspect issue

  •  Easy DIY fix

  • Oversee the Assistant Property Manager

  • Arrange maintenance appointments

  • Attend maintenance appointments

  • Inspect maintenance to meet standards

  • Ensure the property is safe and habitable at all times.

8.   Tenant Check-out

  • Liaison with tenant regarding move out date
  • Confirm with the tenant the exact date they are moving out. Oversee the Assistant Property Manager

  • Decide on damage charges

  • Decide what needs to be charged to the tenant (can be done with a handyman)

  • Oversee the Assistant Property Manager

  • Organise cleaning

  • Organise a date that the room gets cleaned before a new tenant moves in

  • Organise new furniture if needed

  • If the furniture is damaged, you have to arrange new furniture

9.   Maintain Full Occupancy

  • Keep all rooms full
  • Liaison with viewers to ensure viewings are conducted

  • Send offers to potential tenants in a timely manner


  • Highly presentable, honest, reliable and personable
  •  IT skills including word processing, database, spreadsheets and email
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Outstanding customer service skills
  • Good organisation and planning skills
  • Good attention to detail and accuracy skills
  • Very organised, you have a list for everything 
  • Self-motivated proactive approach and ready to use initiativ
  • Reliable and committed
  • Flexible, positive and professional attitude
  • Self development orientation, to learn & develop your skills
  • Happy to roll up sleeves and get involved with any ad hoc tasks to support the founders and the business

Essential knowledge and skills:

  • Must project a desirable image for the company
  • Must be able to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing
  • Must be able to speak clearly and distinctly, using correct English.


  • Join them as we work to transform the house share experience for renters and build a GREAT company.

  • Personal development focus……we want you to grow and develop!

  • Regular one to one meetings to ensure you are accomplishing your goals

  • Unlimited progression opportunities could be our next CEO

  • Full support and training provided

  • Fun and exciting environment

  • Female founded company


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