Social Media Marketing Executive

Title: Social Media Marketing Executive | Tech Start-Up | £18K | Chelmsford

Industry: Creative industries

Role/Sector: Marketing   |   Social media

Location: East London

Placement: Internship (going permanent)

Duration: 3 months

Salary: £18,000 (per annum)

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Information on the company

This great start-up company specialises in providing decision making tools.

They help people to: 

  • Quickly and easily gain an understanding of complex economic issues bandied about in the general media 
  • Express their opinion about how things should be done in a way that has never yet been seen on the web or anywhere in public discourse, and which has the potential to radically alter the decision making processes that affect us all in our daily lives
  • Have a lot more fun than is normally associated with economic decision making! 


Our client is on a mission to improve sustainability by encouraging people to be mindful about the long-term lifecycle of durable items that they purchase.

The new app will specifically make it incredibly easy for people to catalogue the items that they purchase, so that when it comes time to sell those items (or donate / freecycle / etc) it becomes no more effort than “right-click/list on Ebay(/Gumtree/Freecycle/Etc)”. By helping people to keep these lightweight records of the items that they purchase they will help them: 

  • Find a new home for their unwanted items more easily either through resale or donation.
  • Not just accumulate unwanted “stuff” in the garage or attic.
  • Provide much richer information in ebay listings and gumtree postings, increasing the likelihood of finding a buyer.
  • Get a better price for their items when they do come to be sold.
  • Make it easier for people who like to buy second hand items to find specific make and models just as if they were buying new.
  • Encourage everyone to focus on the long term viability of items they are purchasing, increasing focus on quality and sustainability through this simple gesture.

 With the current buzz around environmental matters, the Greta Thunberg phenomenon, the anti-waste movement etc this new tch sustainability start-up could really take off, and therfore present an incredible opportunity for the right person to make their mark

How you would spend your day: 

  • You would be responsible for helping to create a bit of a buzz around the platform using social media, FB/Instagram/Twitter and the like.

The ideal Candidate:

  • Good experience across all social media platforms
  • Good research and writing ability
  • Proactive and happy to work within a start-up environment
  • Strong interest in social causes and environment matters eg anti-waste movement and sustainability
  • Have an interest in tech as you will be working alongside 3 developers and a project manager
  • Easy transport / travel to Chelmsford as they are located in a fairly rural area.

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