Data & Research Analyst

Title: Data & Research Analyst | £25K | Central London

Industry: Other

Role/Sector: Data scientist   |   Analyst

Location: Central London

Placement: Internship (going permanent)

Duration: 3 months

Salary: £25,000 (per annum)

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Information on the company

Our client launched in 2013. Their vision  is simple, "Change the way that business leaders and IT cohabit this changing world." Their mission? To  help our clients bridge the uncertainty gap that lies between their strategic vision and the technology opportunity that underpins it. 


Who We Are

• Our mission is to help our clients bridge the uncertainty gap that lies between their strategic vision and the technology opportunity that underpins this.

• We bring an unprecedented level of expertise to help our clients develop the right IT leadership culture, creating strong relationships between IT leaders and Business, which solve critical issues and drive business/economic outcomes.

We provide three areas of expertise: Board Advisory:

• Through the introduction of highly experienced non-executive technology leaders, we hope to bring a level of confidence to the board around their strategic technology investments

• Offers a structured approach to help boards oversee responsibilities by providing a cohesive link between the board and the executive.

• Provides a strategic earpiece to the board (and executive) to help identify IT issues that may not currently be on the management board’s radar.

• Helps the organisation anticipate and react to trends with a much greater degree of confidence

• Helping the board know what it should (and shouldn’t) be addressing on new digital initiatives.

• Contributes flexibility based on the company specific circumstances, including leading oversight practices to facilitate with the CIO, company management and broader stakeholder groups.

Leadership diagnostics:

• We have developed a series of diagnostic tools that help CEOs test value from your IT investments through to helping your CIO assess the leadership capability within their top team

• Our leadership diagnostic tool has been developed as a result of over 500 executive stakeholder meetings and organisations align their leadership teams under a single leadership framework made up of 9 critical leadership by a series of behavioral anchors that help assess the actual level of competency.

Executive Search:

• Our team are focused on identifying and assessing world class CIOs and IT leaders and aligning them to the culture and ambition of your organisation. The Executive Search team utilises our vast network of executives around the world to find the best match for our client’s needs. The Leadership Assessment Tool is an essential part of the process, providing the client with a better insight into the candidate profiles.

The role

We are looking for an intern research associate to help support both the leadership diagnostic and executive search activities of our business. The primary responsibility of the research associate will be the assisting the partner on various client assignments.  This can range from helping identify suitable candidates that are already known contacts of the company through to identifying new/suitable candidates for job searches (in either situation, you will be given training in the use of both technique and use of the software and tools at your disposal).

You will also be given exposure to broader aspects of project delivery and in particular the building of candidate profile reports as well as client assignment reporting. The content of these profile reports will be sourced from both initial conversation that the project team have with potential candidates and, in more advanced situations, from interviews that the companies team make with respective clients and candidates.

The reports will be looking at particular personal and professional traits of the interviewee and creating a profile about them to be used to assess their suitability for roles. The subject will be talking about his/her career and current situation, rather than about the traits themselves. It will therefore be your job to analyse and synthesize observations made about the interviewee to form a comprehensive professional profile about him/her according to the parameters set in advance.

These reports form the backbone of both our executive search and leadership diagnostic processes, as both are heavily predicated on our profiling and assessment of the individuals concerned. Therefore, it is imperative that these reports are accurate, informative and concise. Though a certain level of formality is required, they must be easy to read and of course attention to detail is needed to ensure that profiles are free of spelling and grammar mistakes. They will also have to be completed to certain, realistic deadlines

The creation of these reports offers you an excellent vantage point to gain insight into the day-to-day lives of technology executives and the challenges they face. As the traits you write about are the traits that corporations look for when hiring C-level executives you will learn about what such companies value in their leaders, and how such qualities are acquired and demonstrated. You will also be involved in the provision of services to multi-billion dollar clients so will be exposed to how such organisations operate and the expectations that they drive.

In addition to the creation of these profiles, you will also be involved in other areas of research including sourcing candidates, helping create role pitches and generally helping run the administration of a young and rapidly growing firm.

The key job responsibilities are:

• Understanding the client assignment briefs (taking time to learn about the company/culture/organisation structure/role description)

• The creation of client/candidate/role profiles

• Identifying potential candidates using our database as well as networking tools like LinkedIn etc.

• Using various search engines to discover emails and other contact details

• Typing up qualification reports of candidates

• Presenting potential candidates to the Assignment manager

• Helping compile update reports with all relevant candidate and status information (and maintaining on a daily basis)

• Proofreading client and candidate facing documents

• Helping ensure the day to day running of the office is as smooth as possible

To be successful in this role you, we will ask you to have the following skills and attributes: Abilities/Skills

• The ability to multitask and prioritise/ work to deadlines

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills

• Strong analytic skills

• Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook) and research tools (LinkedIn etc)

• Good memory

• Strong organizational skills

• Being knowledgeable and informed on client assignment briefs

• Getting what you want out of a phone call

• Attention to detail 


• Being able to take feedback and discretion

• Enthusiasm and drive

• Initiative

• Diplomacy

• Professional and courteous approach

• Adaptability and reliability

• Listening and communication

• Flexibility

• Sensitivity/empathy

• Willingness to grow

• Team player

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