Sales Executive

Title: Sales Executive | £26K | Waterloo

Industry: IT and programming

Role/Sector: Sales   |   Business development

Location: Central London

Placement: Graduate job (permanent)

Salary: £26,000 (per annum)

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Information on the company

We are an energetic and ambitious software company based in Waterloo, London.  We develop, support and sell subscriptions to our own innovative, hosted SaaS product.  This software automates business workflow and saves time and money for users in the public and private sector.
This is an innovative, efficient and profitable company, with happy employees and enthusiastic clients. 


Job Purpose

Reporting to our Account Manager, the over-riding objective of this role is to help our business to grow through acquiring productive and lasting contracts with new subscribers to the company. 

Primary purpose

The primary objective of this role is to increase our Company’s profitability through the sale of subscriptions.

  Key objectives

To achieve this, the Sales Executive will:

• Source and establish fruitful contact with new sales leads 

• Identify and communicate the genuine benefits and specific advantages to new sales leads of using appropriate module(s) or package(s).

• Present and pitch appropriate modules and packages the companies Software to current and potential subscribers

• Write proposals, quotes and tender documents which are effective in winning business for the company

• Sell our Software packages and modules which can realistically fulfil the agreed objectives of new and existing subscribers

• Identify new opportunities for our Software to fulfil the needs of potential and current subscribers

Detailed Job Description and Responsibilities

Business Development

Create sustainable growth for our business in terms of revenue, profitability and subscriber-base:

• Acquire new subscriber contracts through effective sales activity

• Act as ambassador for the comapny in all dealings with current and potential users and subscribers, to create positive client relations and encourage recommendations and referrals.

• Identify new markets, opportunities and leads as follows:

o Follow-up on all recommendations and referrals 

o Monitor all visits to our website

o Review tender opportunities and incoming enquiries to identify those which can be fulfilled by our Software

o Review advertised contracts and tender opportunities

o Research organisations and individuals online

o Attend relevant networking events, conferences and meetings

• Present and pitch appropriate modules and packages of our Software to potential and current clients and subscribers

• Book presentations, meetings or calls for the Account Manager and/or Managing Director when their involvement is required to support any sales activity, and provide a clear brief including any known information about the potential opportunity (e.g. organisation, contact(s), timings, requirements, background, SWOT analysis, etc)

• Develop and share within the company a profound knowledge and understanding of the requirements of each lead which can be fulfilled by our Software

• Write proposals and quotes which are effective in winning business for the company

• Provide a clear brief for the Account Manager and Managing Director on any tender opportunities you identify which can be fulfilled by our Software, including the tender timetable and our strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in relation to the specifications and evaluation criteria for the tender.

• Respond to enquiries and fulfil new business opportunities in a timely manner and ensure we meet specified or agreed deadlines for tender opportunities

• Attend and actively participate in events and meetings as required to identify sales leads, maintain and build on-going relationships with new and potential clients and promote our Software to a wider audience 

• Plan and implement SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timebound) sales objectives in order to convert new opportunities and leads into sales contracts

General administration 

• Maintain clear and accurate records on our company systems and follow company processes consistently to support robust and transferrable working practices and ensure your colleagues can fully cover for you in your absence 

• Keep clear and accessible records of all leads, opportunities and sales activity, including all contact with and known objectives of new leads, all correspondence and sales activity, to enable our Company to support each sale and understand and fulfil each new subscriber’s agreed requirements and objectives

• Understand and adhere to our requirements for security, quality and environmental management in so far as each is relevant to your work, in compliance with our ISO accreditation

• As a small business, we ask all staff and contractors to be flexible and supportive in their approach and to be willing to work on a range of activity not mentioned in their job descriptions. As such we ask that you provide help and support to your colleagues as required to meet unforeseen challenges and fulfil the changing needs of our small and growing business.  

On-boarding and training

Our expectation is for the successful candidate to gain sufficient skills and knowledge of our Software to fulfil this role within six months of their appointment. During this period, they will be trained to sell (and will actively sell) three Software packages:  Asset Manager, Reach and Translation & Interpreting

Required skills and experience 

The successful candidate is likely to be a graduate with some relevant work-experience, who is determined to forge a successful career in sales. 

The personal attributes needed for this role include: 

• Motivated and tenacious

• Strong communication and presentation skills   

• Personable, persuasive and a good listener 

• Interested in software and the business outcomes of using software 

• Analytical with good attention to detail 

• Good at writing proposals and responding to complex tender documents 

• Keen to make tangible benefits to new clients 

• Proactive team-worker

They will be working within a small and highly motivated company, communicating by telephone, in writing and face-to-face to prospects and clients from public and private sector organisations. 

In short, we are looking for a self-motivated sales person with excellent communication skills, a diplomatic and tenacious nature, and a good sense of humour.  

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