Usability/Digital Product Executive

Title: Usability/Digital Product Executive | £19k - £23K | Central London

Industry: IT and programming

Role/Sector: Front-end coding   |   IT & computing

Location: Central London

Placement: Internship (going permanent)

Duration: 3 months

Salary: £20,000 (per annum)

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Information on the company

A company helping ensure 50% of business leaders are female by 2027. 
Juggle is a self-service professional recruiting, without the recruiter. Enabling businesses to identify, hire, pay and manage their workforce, flexibly. And for experienced professionals to create and control a flexible working career.



How you expect the candidate to spend their day:

• Speaking to existing and potential customers about the new version of our platform

• Helping the team test the platform (following user journeys such as sign up, posting jobs, etc) to find bugs and identify areas to improve the UX/UI

• Working with the product team to suggest and discuss solutions to customers problems and the implementation of new features

• Reach out to customers to arrange interviews and have them come into the office to sit and use the product and make notes about the issue’s customers/users have using the product

• Work with the PM to come up with a list of questions to ask those users about the product to test assumptions about the product messaging, and to find out what problem’s users/customers which have they would love to have solved

Optional if you have the skills or want to learn them:

• Create wireframes for new features

• Create UI proofs or prototypes for features changes to the product, to provide developers a guide to changes

What are the perks of working at this company?

• Small, friendly team with no office politics – people are focused on delivery and honest interactions; all ideas are welcome, there are no stupid suggestions or questions

• Flexible working – people work long hours and deliver but on a flexible basis

• Experience at the ground level of an early stage venture backed startup which is committed to moving fast

• Nice office environment with good lights levels and warehouse style space

• Autonomy to deliver and take on as much responsibility as you are able

• No ceiling to the career path – if you deliver you can jump up the rungs of the ladder fast

• Annual ski trip, weekly team lunch

Questions for applicants to think about:

• Do you want to work in a startup where you have autonomy and can take on responsibility to deliver, or would you prefer a larger organisation with more structure and hand holding?

• Are you keen to learn on the job as part of an early stage startup where you touch a wider range of marketing related projects, or would you prefer a more narrowly defined role where you focus on one specific area of marketing?

• Do you want flexibility in working hours and occasionally working from home if you need to, but with the expectation that you over deliver – which sometimes means staying later to hit a deadline, or would you prefer a more traditional 830-530 with one hour for lunch environment? 



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