Customer Success Exec

Title: Customer Success Exec | Tech Start Up | £22k-£25K | London

Industry: IT and programming

Role/Sector: Web   |   IT & computing   |   Admin   |   Customer services

Location: Central London

Placement: Graduate job (permanent)

Salary: £25,000 (per annum)

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Information on the company

We are an end to end infrastructure management service. Our product enables our customers to build, manage and maintain their infrastructure on any public or private cloud to deliver web services, mobile backends and APIs to their users. Leveraging the power of Linux containers our platform empowers thousands of developers in hundreds of companies to increase their efficiency, improve their software development workflow and leverage higher returns on their infrastructure investments.


How you expect the candidate to spend their day:

The candidate will be the champion of the customer. Each day we receive 10-20 communications from customers regarding bugs or features they would like added to our platform. The candidate will be responsible for communications with the customers on behalf of the engineering team. 

Additionally, the candidate will be responsible for ensuring that our help documentation is up to date; we have a technical writer, so they won’t be expected to write the documentation, but ensure its validity based on customer feedback.

Although technical background isn’t required, the candidate will need to become familiar with how our platform works, and what it does.

The ideal candidate’s personality and qualifications:

The ideal candidate will be self-motivated and looking for a learning challenge. They may not have a technical background, but will have a degree of some form, and have a strong interest in learning about some technical concepts. They should have attention to detail, and pride themselves on this.

They should and be empathetic to customer needs, and importantly must have fluent English communication skills as they will need the ability to completely understand communications from customers and respond appropriately.

What are the perks of working at this company?
  • In this role, you will propel yourself forward into a real-world working environment. There is a steep learning curve, but your personal development will become quite tangible in a short period of time.
  • We are is a profitable London tech start-up; We pride ourselves on having a flexible friendly workplace environment (you can dress however you feel comfortable, laugh and chat with the team, have free snacks etc). The team are close-knit like a family.
  • In this role, you will have the opportunity to grow as we grow. And as you demonstrate your own aptitude and desires, you’ll have many chances to expand and grow. 

Questions for applicants to think about:
  • Are you interested in technology? 
  • Do you want to work in technology but don’t have a technical degree? 
  • Are you interested in people? 
  • Do you like communicating with people, and helping them find resolutions to their problems?

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