Junior Developer

Title: Junior Developer | £25K - £35K | FinTech | South London

Industry: IT and programming

Role/Sector: Back-end coding   |   Front-end coding   |   Digital

Location: Central London

Placement: Graduate job (permanent)

Salary: £25,000 (per annum)

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Information on the company

Our client is a start-up tech company based at the Peckham Levels – a hub of new businesses ranging from artists to creative agencies and tech companies! It’s a great place to be, with street food, a rooftop bar, as well as table tennis tables and table football!

The co-founders  used to work for large insurance companies, but having been frustrated by the lack of software to help them build mathematical models, they left their jobs and starting hacking away at an initial proof of concept to solve these problems. They're now a team of ten, and have paying customers using their product called reNew. reNew is a SaaS platform which allows  customers to build complex mathematical models, primarily in Python, and some low-code React and JSON. We do (well- automate) all the heavy-lifting software engineering in the background.

They believe that the next-generation of mathematical models will be built on the modern web, and created by a combination of software engineers, interface designers, data scientists and community-makers – reNew supports exactly that!


This is a permanent role offering £25K - £35K based in Peckham south London

We’re looking for an enthusiastic and driven engineer, keen to develop a broad base of skills, who likes getting their hands dirty across a complex, varied stack. Our team is multi-skilled and incredibly flexible, so you will have the opportunity to shape your role and responsibilities as we grow. A previous junior intern is now our front-end lead developer, but if you want to focus on back-end, or remain full-stack, we’re also cool with that!

Example projects for you to work on include:

• Using leading-edge web tech to create a platform that automatically collects and manipulates our internal data to showcase the crazy things we've been building

• Developing a custom IDE for the APIs and DSLs that we've developed for our clients to develop models in our platform

• Creating an end-to-end framework for logging, monitoring and displaying our security data (possibly automating it using AI?) to help us and our clients sleep more soundly

and much more – as a fast-growing start-up we have way more interesting problems to solve than engineers to tackle them at the moment!

You'll have to work on testing, bug-fixes and support, as we all do, but you'll predominantly be cutting your own code.

Day-to-day activities will include…

We encourage our junior engineers to focus on challenging themselves, as well as doing what they enjoy. Some examples of what your role might include, across are stack, would include:

Front-end work (primarily React):

  • Your frontend work primarily relates to the powerful React components and API we've designed and maintain for our clients to build model interfaces: it is likely to focus on the internal data connections to our backend and related internal data structures, but there's a lot of interesting work here as we expand our offering to include more complex, interactive functionality.
  • Optimisation and performance work to leverage the best experience for our customers despite the quantity/complexity of their data.
  • Applying frameworks like Material UI and Gatsby everywhere from our internal IDE to our public-facing website.

Back-end work (primarily Python/Java/Kotlin):
  • This role includes working on new and challenging projects that cover building libraries, tools, proof of concepts, consumer products and everything in-between.
  • You will be handling large datasets with real time performance, including code written by customers. We do this by generating code based on a data schema, to provide a good development experience and high performance without sacrificing data integrity at any point.
  • Developing APIs to applications running in the public and private cloud
  • Developing a scalable and highly performant system with everything this entails (automation, availability, monitoring, resilience)
  • Taking architectural ownership for various critical components and systems
  • Contributing to reviews, retrospectives and planning discussions for technical, product and company decisions
  • Developing system specifications for existing and new modules.
  • Developing and executing comprehensive system and unit testing on the modules.
  • Communicating and documenting solutions and design decisions
As a fintech start-up, security and stability is as critical to us as performance, so working with security data is also part of this role. We have a state-of-the-art infrastructure-as-code setup which you will be interacting with and contributing to.

We love learning new things and working with cutting-edge technology, and we get to work on some really cool problems because of this.

Our work ethic and approach make this sort of work "par for the course" at hx, and it's our goal to keep it that way - it makes for an interested, productive and most importantly, happy team!

The ideal candidate’s personality and qualifications…
  • 2.1 degree in Computer Science or equivalent from a Russell Group University
  •  MUST have A*, A, A at A Level
  • Experience in one or more of our core languages – React, Python, Java/Kotlin
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving mind
  • A self – starter. We give all our employees £5,000 to spend on personal development, and provide support to help you get up to speed, but we want you to tell us where you think that will be best spent!
  • Demonstrable interest in technology and software engineering – whether that’s showing off your own Github, talking us through some hacking projects you’ve worked on, or something completely different
  • Passion for writing clean, modular, well-commented, readable and reusable code
  • Passion for learning new languages
Bonus points
  • Strong experience of version control with Git
  • Experience with AWS
  • Awareness of the Cyber Security landscape
  • ReactJS, Redux with Sagas
  • Python, Pandas, Numpy, Cython
  • Java/Kotlin, Spring Boot
  • Go, Terraform
  • AWS, Docker
  • PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch
  • CI/CD, SCRUM, GitLab, Jira, Confluence
What are the perks of working at this company?
  • We do things a bit differently. There’s no corporate nonsense, and no old-fashioned hierarchy. There’s no micro-management. You are your own boss.
  • You’ll get tons of guidance and plenty of support from talented and super-smart colleagues.
  • We hire engineers that empathise with our customers' problems, develop solutions and measure results. We’re proud of our engineering team - it's built an incredible product that’s changing the world.
  • A highly competitive package, including EMI share options
  • Top-tier, customisable tech (choice of Apple or Dell setup, with flexibility over OS, screen(s), and input devices) and office gadgets
  • Even as a junior, you get to choose the best tech, and whatever you prefer
  • An amazing, flat-structured work environment, with unusual levels of flexibility and transparency
  • Best-in-class training and development support – we are all compulsive learners, and this is actively encouraged
  • £5,000 to spend one personal development. Whether that’s to fly to a hackathon abroad, or go to a language specific training course, or buy a new Raspberry Pi to play around with, we’ll support you!
  • A huge breadth and depth of career opportunity – if you show the attitude and ability, we want and will support you to help us lead from the front as we grow
  • Well-stocked team fridge, and regular team meals (usually at least once-a-week)
  • Choose something for the office! – every new-joiner is given a £200 budget to buy something for the office

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