Marketing Assistant

Title: Marketing Assistant | £22K | Central London

Industry: Creative industries

Role/Sector: Social media

Location: Central London

Placement: Graduate job (permanent)

Salary: £22,000 (per annum)

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Information on the company

We are a B2B fintech content marketing agency. We create and deliver fintech content marketing campaigns for B2B fintech companies. We are a team of former journalists with more than 30 years’ experience in digital marketing in the financial services sector. Our intelligence-led content marketing programmes don’t just lead to great looking content – they also make your customers know, like and trust you.


How you expect the candidate to spend their day:

Our clients are our lifeblood. You will support an account team that delivers superb results predictably and consistently, whether those businesses are looking for likes, links, subscribers, sales, shares, downloads, attendees, votes, column inches, donations, views, downloads or mentions. 

With the support of more senior colleagues, you will be responsible for:

• Understanding and supporting the execution of integrated strategies for our clients across owned and earned disciplines, including social media, PR and content. 

• Producing content including press releases, videos, blog posts, case studies, press packs and photography. 

• Commissioning content.

• ‘Selling in’ stories, features and articles written by or on behalf of clients across national, regional, consumer and trade media.

• Interacting with journalists and online influencers on behalf of the comapny and our clients, including: responding to their phone calls and emails, arranging meetings and interviews with them and developing and maintaining relationships.

• Monitoring the media – including newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs, broadcasts, newswires and social media sites – for opportunities for clients.

• Monitoring online and offline media and social media coverage for mentions of clients and topics of specific interest and delivering analytics reports based on agreed KPIs to colleagues and/or clients.

• Attending client events and industry conferences alongside your colleagues.

• Handling clients’ social media accounts such as their Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn pages.

• Working with colleagues and/or clients to brainstorm ideas for PR campaigns based on the aspirations and marketplaces of clients.

• Assisting in our own marketing including photography, events and the writing, editing and production of blog posts, social media updates, reports and podcasts.

• Assisting in new business activities, including preparing and attending pitches.

Client relations responsibilities

• Ensuring the company communicates regularly with all clients and is alive to any concerns or ad hoc requirements they might have and that these are raised with more senior colleagues and dealt with promptly, professionally and effectively.

• Maintaining the best possible relations with every client or prospective client by ensuring a professional, informed and friendly manner at all times.

• Getting to know each client you are working with, understanding and knowing their customers and competitors to ensure you place the content we create on relevant sites and platforms.

General responsibilities 

• Adhering to company policies and procedures, e.g. keeping accurate timesheets.

• Executing general office duties, e.g. collecting newspapers, taking post.

• Contributing to keeping the office clean and tidy.

The ideal candidate’s personality and qualifications:

You are a special person who is beginning a stellar career and looking for that first golden opportunity. We are a fresh, young and fast-growing content marketing agency in one of the hottest areas of UK commerce.

We live and breathe fintech – we’re serious; we really love it – and we need a Marketing Assistant to help the company deliver communications for some of the most pioneering businesses in Britain.What you don’t need:- experience in an agency or in-house environment 

- experience in mass consumer or B2B media relations – or you understand digital marketing and online content – it’s certainly an advantage.

If your key character traits are excitement about your career, willingness to learn and a pride in being the best you can be…well, those attributes will take you further than anything else.

What are the perks of working at this company?
Pension, 25 days holiday, plenty of homeworking – at least 2 days per week.

If the candidate shows a flair for the role, they may expect to be promoted to account executive in around 6 months to a year.   

Questions for applicants to think about:

- What personal experience do you have of digital personal finance (e.g. insurance, money smartphone apps, banking apps etc.) and what do you think is good or bad about them?

- What social media do you use and why?

- What brands do you think have the best public image and why (e.g. is it the way they look, they way they speak, their ethical stances, appealing advertising etc.?

- What are your career ambitions?

- Apart from us, what other sorts of firms would you like to work for?

- What are they key takeaways from your degree and your masters in relation to marketing and communications?

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