The Nomad Academy

Title: The Nomad Academy | Entrepreneur MBA | International Programme

Industry: Creative industries

Role/Sector: Consultancy

Location: Central London

Placement: Open

Duration: 3 months

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Information on the company

This awesome start-up channel entreprenurial people via their 3-month courses out in exotic locations in south East Asia!

So many of us work in conventional careers that don’t give us meaning and hold us back from achieving all that we could. We do it because everyone else does, because it’s the safer route, because “that’s the way life is”.

Most people settle for that. But a few don’t.

The academy were founded to bring together those few brave enough to pursue a meaningful life and become all that they could be – despite the risks and hardships involved.




12 weeks of travel, learning, reflection and adventure!

This is a unique opportunity for driven entrepreneurial individuals to get together with likeminded people, be mentored and focus on building your business plan. 

Have you got an entrepreneurial spirit? Stuck in an unfulfilled job? Want the chance to be mentored by top business coaches whilst travelling South East Asia or Latin America?

We have partnered with Nomad Academy, a training provider who offer the chance to undergo a full-time or part-time course aimed to equip you with skills and knowledge to launch your own business.

You’ll be a part of a community of like-minded individuals who will be sharing this journey with you, building long lasting friendships.

The course can be experienced as 12 weeks abroad full-time or part-time alongside your current job, including 2 weeks abroad.

Course includes:

  • 1-on-1 coaching
  • Group workshops
  • Online courses
  • Fitness & meditation
  • coworking & co-living with likeminded people

94% of alumni are in entrepreneurial careers. We’ve spoken to Nomad alumni who started their own businesses following the program and shared their journey with us:

“But thinking about where I was before The Nomad Academy, I know that I could never turn back. It was like I was struck by a radioactive spider and suddenly given the power to choose. I choose a life that serves me and pushes me towards my goals. I priorities living moments, using work to fill in the gaps, rather than the other way round. Once having a taste of this agency, it’s hard to ever let it go” – Tiff Ng, Founder of the Social Story, a social storytelling agency.

It's time to take ownership, and with 2020 around the corner, next year could be the year you reach your potential.


ON SITE - £££
April 2020 - 12 Weeks in SE Asia
All in-person

March 2020 - 2 weeks in Peru
8 weeks part-time online

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