Strategy Growth Internship

Title: Strategy Growth Internship | NMW | Management Consultancy | Central London

Industry: Analytics

Role/Sector: Analyst   |   Qualitative   |   Project management   |   Consultancy

Location: Central London

Placement: Internship (going permanent)

Duration: 3 months

Salary: £17,000 (per annum)

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Information on the company

Established by three experienced Marketing Directors coming from top tier positions within Accenture and British Gas, this is a market research and brand strategy consultancy developing powerful and effective insight to clients including the Royal Mail and DC Thomson, directing them to a better growth through their online channels. 


This is a 12 week internship paying £1,150 per month with the intention of converting to a permanent job. 

How you can expect to spend your day:

Deliver insights that are used in the outputs of real projects

  • Uncovering great sources of information to provide research and analysis that reveal insights, not just facts
  • Presenting findings articulately and in a way that tells a story

Be a valued and trusted member of a project team

  • Breaking down briefs into discrete tasks that you are able to deliver in a timely manner that meets the expectations of your project team
  • Actively contributing your own thoughts, opinions and ideas, based on your research, to help shape the direction of your project
  • Looking ahead for potential problems and finding ways to minimise or avoid them
  • Actively supporting the wider team with any tasks where they need help such as preparing slides, workshop materials etc.

Gain an understanding of what growth consultancy is and our own approach to solving clients’ problems

  • Understanding what we do: learning what consultancies and growth consultancies do, Our own CIVD and Growth Architecture approaches, and the type of projects and business problems that are in the ‘sweet spot’ for us
  • Understanding how we work: learning at a foundational level how we run projects, as well as some of the typical consultancy techniques we use
  • Learning these through an onboarding program delivered by people in the business with the specific skills and experiences, as well as ‘learning by doing’ with your progress overseen by a mentor as well as our Head of Internships

Contribute to the growth of our company

  • Owning four internal pieces of work start-to-finish, that maintain the running of and help to develop
  • our business –such as client prospect profiling, writing blogs, or organising company-wide events
  • Supporting the creation of tools and materials that can be used by the wider business

As a graduate intern, I will demonstrate:

  • Proactivity and enthusiasm in everything I do
  • A willingness to go the extra mile, to help others and have each other’s backs
  • Curiosity and an eagerness to learn and be coached
  • Acute attention to detail, taking ownership and responsibility for my work
  • A burning desire to make every output as strong as it can be and always striving to improve
  • An analytical and creative mind set that delivers “Wow” for our clients and our company

The ideal candidate’s personality and qualifications:

  • Educated to degree level at a top university, high academic achievers preferred.
  • Someone who can look ahead and spot potential problems before they occur.
  • A highly proactive individual with an enthusiasm to develop and learn new skills
  • An acute attention to detail
  • Someone who can take ownership and responsibility for their work.
  • An analytical and creative mindset
  • Proficient user of MS Office, PowerPoint and Excel
  • Previous work experience in marketing, consulting or strategy is a big bonus although all types of prior work experience will be considered.

What are the perks of working at this company?

To join a small growing team on an exciting journey with big ambitions whilst learning from industry experts which will fast-track any recent graduates career in Marketing, Management Consultancy or digital Branding.

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