Technical Operations Intern

Title: Technical Operations Intern | NMW | Tech Start-up | Cambridge

Industry: IT and programming

Role/Sector: Web   |   Analyst   |   Back-end coding   |   Front-end coding

Location: Cambridgeshire

Placement: Graduate job (permanent)

Salary: £16,640 (per annum)

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Information on the company

Our client is a crowd-sourced land community for emerging markets. Its goal is to make land ownership, initially in Kenya, much more secure. From there, they look to grow and expand into other markets. 


How you can expect to spend your day:

The intern will be responsible for the operational management and development of the Minimum Viable Product:

  • Oversight of its usage and responsibility for troubleshooting
  • Development of UX
  • Backend automation
  • Potential development of a marketplace, a Salesforce element, a land authority endorsement section and data analytics

Other possible opportunities/ activities involve:

  • Management of online social media accounts
  • Oversight of the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns
  • Other online elements of the business

The ideal intern’s personality and qualifications:

The intern will be able to understand how to build a basic MVP. Coding is not essential.

  • Is comfortable with tools and hacks in the initial stages
  • Ideally capable of taking the MVP once we have proved concept and bringing it into an in house’ system, with the help of our 3rd party IT consultants
  • Someone who can work to agreed deadlines independently of the co-Founder who is likely to have to travel for significant periods during the internship. The intern will have the confidence to work alone during these periods
  • You will ideally, but not necessarily, have some sort of affinity towards or understanding of emerging markets especially African ones

What are the perks of interning at this company?

  • Big opportunity to become an integral part of a growth start-up
  • Permanent position available 
  • Flexible work hours and location with office situated in rural South Cambridgeshire, 5 miles from Cambridge
  • Travel to East Africa in the first two years and other markets afterwards

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