Some background

Julianne Ponan is the 28 year old chief executive of super food brand Creative Nature which is based in Greater London, a company which supplies raw super foods, snacks and food mixes suitable for everyone including those who are nutrition conscious, vegetarians, vegans and those who live with food allergy or intolerance.

things that annoy recruiters

things that annoy a candidate


The average recruiter will spend just a few seconds looking over every CV which lands on their desk, so if you don’t impress them in those few seconds then it’s onto the rejection pile for you. 

Liz Wootton

Name: Liz Wootton
English Literature
University College London
What I’m doing now:
Marketing Executive at Chic Retreats

What I’ve done since Inspiring Interns:

Well, I got the job at Chic Retreats and have been there ever since.