Staying Safe Online: The Basics

Online safety is vital. You’ve all seen the news stories of how dangerous the internet can be. While many see it as a haven of escapism, the internet has a dark underbelly that shouldn’t be ignored.

While the world wide web can entertain, inform and enlighten, it can also dole out misery and misinformation. While it can connect people from all over the world, it can also isolate others in anguish.

Here are some tips on how to stay safe online.


Measured use

The world wide web is often underestimated. Hours spent scrolling through a fruitless Facebook feed can be shrugged off with a murmur of ‘YOLO’, and intense Netflix binges are a prime example of wasted time that may have been better spent.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with either Facebook or Netflix, there is an important concept to remember here: moderation. Addictions,, along with all the anxieties embroiled with them, are easy to pick up in adult life. Without a stopper on any activity, fun pastimes can begin to eclipse the real world.

No matter what your hobby is, the moment it begins interfering with your personal life, skills and priorities, you must set it aside. The same is true for the web; don’t be the fly that gets caught!


Combating fraud

Many might assume that online fraud can only affect the foolhardy or the elderly. After all, you’re at university and getting educated! You’re too young and wise for that, right?

Of course not.

Online fraudsters target anyone and everyone if there’s some cash to be had, so it’s a good idea to brush up on scam best practice. Granted, you’re not enrolled on an online fraud degree, but it doesn’t hurt to pick up some extra know-how if it keeps you safe. If you’re clued in, you won’t get drawn in!


Tinder trouble

Tinder can be great, that much is true. People meet and potentially fall in love through the app who may not otherwise have met.

Of course, not everyone is struck with Cupid’s arrow. In some cases, dating apps can actually take a toll on the old self esteem, leaving many of those looking for love feeling down on their luck. It’s best to keep some perspective here. After all, finding one person among thousands was never going to be as simple as swiping right! Additionally, many might not represent their true selves online at all.

Don’t stack all your chips in a dating app. Learn to love yourself alongside your search. What you have got to offer a potential partner is far deeper and richer than bullet points on a profile page. Go full steam ahead on your self-esteem and give yourself the time to find the right person!


A life outside the computer

For those with social anxiety, it can seem ideal to retreat to the sanctuary of the bedroom and scroll through Twitter for the rest of the evening. It’s entirely understandable, and even acceptable. But live that way too much and you may suffer bouts of loneliness and depression.

A balance is needed. Be that Jedi of the online realm. Activities are more fun when there’s variety, different experiences to break up the day with varying levels of comfort and stimulation. Sometimes, the best way to stay safe from the online world is by not going online at all!


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