What To Do When You Don’t Hear Back

You’ve produced the perfect CV, taken time to crack the job application and nailed the nerve-racking interview. You feel good, confident, you swore it went well – they even said so themselves!

But what if, after all this, you don’t hear back from that perfect job? Panic? Call them constantly demanding an update? Pace around the room like a caged animal?

We all know this time can be frustrating, and you’re not alone in feeling annoyed. According to a study by Career Builder, 60% of interviewees have experienced employer ghosting. Its common curtesy for a company to call up the candidates and tell them there’s been a delay in the decision making process, but how often does that happen.

Don’t hold your breath. Keep calm and heed the advice below.


Keep searching

Rather than sitting waiting anxiously by the phone for that all-important call, distract yourself and keep on searching for other jobs. Chances are there are plenty more out there; by searching and applying, your nerves will die down. Who knows? You might just find a better option out there.

It’s always good for the ego if you get more than one offer. It’s never wise to put all your eggs in one basket anyway. Remember that there are various ways of searching for jobs these days and directly targeting the companies you want to work for.


Remain positive

Don’t beat yourself up about the ifs and buts and come down hard on yourself. There is still hope – you just have to wait patiently! They say the best things in life come to those who wait, so listen to the advice and keep on smiling.

There are plenty of ways to manage your thoughts and stay in good spirits. Feed your positivity by thinking of all the things that went well in the interview and all the great assets you have shown them. Find the optimistic viewpoint by being grateful to have had the chance to be interviewed and gain more experience.


Follow up

Why wait for them to call? Sometimes taking the initiative can be a positive thing. It will show you’re keen and interested, so make that tentative call and ask the question. Have they made the decision? When will you hear back? Don’t pester or push for a result; simply ask a few polite questions.

Use the call to your advantage by way of also thanking the interviewee for their time and enquiring whether they need any further information from you. This will show initiative. Remember to be friendly but not overbearing; the last thing you want to do is annoy them or appear desperate!

Plan how soon to call them and stick to the plan! Don’t break and call them too soon or else your carefully perfected plan may backfire.


Be realistic

If, after numerous weeks and attempted follow up calls/emails, you still haven’t heard back then you have to be realistic.  Rejection sucks, but it’s a fact of life and something everyone has to learn to deal with. Follow your gut instinct if you feel that the job has passed you by and move on with your head held high.

Like dating, job hunting is a game of numbers. You will find the perfect pairing sooner or later, so don’t give up. It may be helpful to ask for feedback so that you can improve on anything for your own development. You have to swallow your pride but this is the way that you can move on and learn from the experience.

Whatever the reason for recruiters or potential employers not getting back to you when they say they will, they undoubtedly have their own reasons.  You need to be patient, keep busy and remain positive. Whatever the outcome, try to learn from the experience.


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