6 Ways To Remain Productive While Working From Home

Keeping yourself motivated can be a tricky task. Motivation is fickle and can fluctuate depending on your mood or even the environment that you are in. Working from home can be full of distractions as it can be an environment you associate with comfort and familiarity rather than somewhere to study.

If you find it difficult to get work done at home, there are simple changes that you can make to your approach to ensure that you are making the most out of the time you have to do your work. So, whether you are studying hard for an exam, finishing that essay or report or you are a self-employed graduate here are six ways to maintain your productivity levels while working from home.


1) Schedule your day

The end of the day is a time for reflection and it also gives you the opportunity to revise what you have been doing, what is working and what isn’t working so well and altering it ready for the next day.

Keeping to a schedule helps you remain organised, reduce the risk of procrastination and helps you get ready for the tasks that lie ahead.


2) Create A Working Environment

Where you work can influence how you work so it is important to consider the area of your home you usually do your work. Find a place or an area in your home where you work best and create an area that limits distractions.

Something as simple as uncluttering your desk can make a significant difference to how productive you end up being. You can even set up a little study area on the floor with some cushions and a blanket. Have music throbbing in the background or work in complete silence – it all depends on how you like to work.


3) Take breaks

Overworking yourself and attempting to power through your assignments without any breaks when you are on a tight deadline may cause you to become burned out prematurely. Taking regular breaks will allow you to have a clear mind every time you come back to your work so you can produce work to the best of your ability.


4) Remember to exercise

We all know the benefits of keeping active but it can be difficult to remember to exercise when you are getting through a lot of work.

Remaining in the same position for too long can cause stiffness, aches and a general feeling of uncomfortableness which can intensify if you are doing multiple all-nighters as you are likely to be spending most your time stuck in the same position.

During one of your breaks, you can take the time to do easy stretches for your neck, arms and legs and even fit in a quick and effective workout using nothing but your desk chair. If you would like some exercise ideas click here.


5) Eat well and stay hydrated

Eating right will help you stay focused for a longer period of time especially when you are working from home. Maintaining a balanced diet ensures that you don’t burn all your energy at once and it can sustain you for the duration of the time you are doing your work.


6) Celebrate small victories

Small victories add up and all contribute to your end goal. Breaking down your tasks into smaller, bite-size goals will build up your confidence to power through any piece of work at home.


Paige Vahla is an editor, creative writer and freelance blogger from London. You can follow her on twitter @PaigeVahla.

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