Keeping Up With The Modern World: A Guide To Being A Millennial

Today’s world is not exactly a walk in the park for millennials. As college debts pile up and unemployment increases, we can feel snowed under with stress – which manifests in the form of mental health problems. It’s been proven that financial concerns are the number one culprit for escapism strategies like drinking, surfing the internet, and smoking.

So how can we cope with the pressures of modern life and avoid potential burnout? First of all, don’t despair. Keep in mind that all beginnings and breakthroughs are painful. Growth might seem distressing at first, but give it some time and things will work out.



A healthy, balanced diet. Regular physical activity. Plenty of sleep. Sould familiar?

All three of the holy health trinity are hard to maintain when we’re “super busy”, with zillions of tasks at hand. Many of us postpone living healthy until we’re in our thirties or later, but fail to realise that proper nutrition and regular exercise can enhance our productivity already today.

Don’t be one of them: self-nurture now.


Don’t forget the people who care about you the most

Parents (baby boomers generation), siblings, close friends. Caught up in the whirl of events, we might end up taking their existence for granted. Indeed, research shows that millennials are particularly bad at maintaining relationships.

Don’t let those special people pass you by. The effects of good social relationships on our well-being should not be underestimated. So pick up the phone and make that call today.


Life is not a competition

No, it really isn’t! Sure, the media inundates us with messages that there are new targets to be hit, new products to be bought, new lifestyles to be pursued, etc. But, believe it or not, there’s no Big Brother watching over your daily existence.

It’s only you – and your job is to be happy, not measure up to others’ standards.


Disconnect from technology once in a while

Or, better, free yourself. If we don’t check our phones for a while, we may get the feeling we’re missing out on the rest of the world out there. But what we’re truly missing out while tapping away is living OUR life fully in the present.

Heed this quote from Mateo Sol: “Technology brings the burden that anyone, any information, anywhere is always within reach. This makes you feel that you should be taking advantage of all the information, and that you should fill your time with as much stimulation as you can.”


Today is always better than tomorrow

The truth is, you are never going to be 100% ready for anything. The human mind is an expert at making excuses and rationalising procrastination. But taking a risk is the only way to get things off the ground.

So get rid of those what ifs and soar up to the place you’re meant to be. You’ll be surprised to find out how cutting off procrastination can help you greatly reduce stress.

And last but not least, remember that this is your youth. Enjoy it.



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