How To Make Sure Stress Doesn’t Become Your Conqueror

More often than not a move to London, or any big city for that matter, can lead to an extremely busy lifestyle. With so many places to visit, people to meet and bars to drain, opportunities to ‘switch off’ are in short supply, particularly when crammed in around a new job.

The drawback of such a lifestyle is that it can inadvertently lead to a build up of stress, which can of course, if left unaddressed, cause significant mental health issues, including depression and anxiety.

See below for four easy-to-follow tips on how you can reduce the levels of stress you encounter.


  1. Exercise

Sitting for eight hours at a desk is clearly not good for your body, but what people often fail to realise is that it can be to the detriment of your mental health too. By sitting rigidly upright for such a long period of time, your muscles begin to tighten and ache, which can intensify stress levels enormously.

While exercise won’t make your stress disappear, it will allow you to combat some of the emotional intensity you’re facing, permitting you the time and clarity to address your most pressing concerns in a calm manner.

Whether it’s a pre-work yoga session, a late-night spin or just a lunch-time stroll, make sure you find that extra bit of time to let off some steam.


  1. Meditate

Meditation is a pastime that is slowly making its way into mainstream consciousness, and for good reason. Despite the plethora of wildly over-exaggerated misinterpretations surrounding what exactly it is (“Isn’t that where you sit cross-legged with your hands in the air?”), it’s a practice which, when undertaken properly, has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety.

Researchers from John Hopkins University in Baltimore examined 19,000 meditation studies and concluded that mindfulness meditation, in particular, can help ease psychological stresses, including anxiety and depression.

Headspace is widely held as the best meditation app on offer, while Insight Timer is also worth a visit for it’s wide and varied cache of free and guided sessions.


  1. Put down your smartphone

While the benefits of owning a smartphone are undoubtedly limitless, it is the constant and relentless need we’ve developed to immediately and without hesitation review every notification that has led to a rise in stress levels, according to Everyday Health.

Moreover, research from Human Performance Professor, Alejandro Lleras, found from examining more than 300 university-aged students that those who self-identified as having addictive style behaviours towards smartphones scored higher on anxiety and depression scales.

So next time you can feel your idle hand floating towards your phone, stop to think what else you could be doing with your time; whether there’s a conversation you could engage in or practical task at hand that might otherwise occupy your efforts. By making the effort to remain present, you are developing a calmer, healthier mind.


  1. Listen to music

In a multitude of different ways, music is an effective tool for reducing stress. By averting our attention and shifting our mood, it affords our subconscious mind the opportunity to spend less time dwelling on negative thoughts and feelings.

From helping you to cope with the kind of traffic-induced stress we all experience during our morning commutes to aiding your breathing by belting out some classics in the shower, the incorporation of music into our daily lives is a valuable, inexpensive and quick-acting solution that’s almost always available.


So whether it’s a case of trying out that gym you’re always walking past, spending ten minutes in the evening meditating or just re-opening your Spotify subscription, there is no shortage ways of in which you can make sure stress doesn’t get the best out of you.


Felix Arbenz-Caines as a guest contributor for Inspiring Interns. Since studying for a degree in History and Politics at the University of Birmingham, he’s worked in PR and is now looking to kick-start a career in copywriting. Check out his blog here

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