How To Go The Extra Mile When Looking For An Internship

You’ve spent hours putting yourself out there. You’ve refined the aesthetics of your CV and rewritten your cover letter to satisfaction. Yet it all feels like empty work when you open your inbox every morning to the dreaded “No new messages”.

What young professionals must understand is that nobody on the other side can see all the effort that goes into applications. A lot of the time, your CV is just another unopened envelope in their files. Unless you go the extra mile.

That doesn’t mean working harder, but working smarter. Here are a few ways to get started in changing your techniques.


When Emails Do Not Succeed, Go Back To Basics

The better the company, the more emails they receive on a regular basis requesting internships, apprenticeships and unpaid work experience opportunities. And let’s face it: it’s hard to stand out in such a monotonous medium, even if your CV and Cover Letter happen to be perfect.

To make an impression means picking up the phone and calling the head of HR and Recruitment of your desired organisation. Most websites feature the relevant contact details to get in touch.

Unlike email, you get the chance to leave a more human mark through a phone conversation. Your verbal communication and your level of enthusiasm create your elevator pitch, improving your chances of being remembered the next time the head of HR has an internship vacancy to fill.


Turn Physical Proximity Into An Advantage

If you happen to live in the same city where your desired company is located, grab physical copies of your CV/portfolio and head down to their office. Request one short meeting where you can show them your best work and explain how you can make a valid contribution to their workforce.

At worst, you will be turned away by one of the secretaries or assistants who insist that they are not interested in hiring. But you just might get your foot in the door if you happen to walk in at the right time and meet the right person.


Presentation Is A Fruitful Investment

Judging a book by its cover is hard to avoid in professional setting. So it should go without saying that you should dress for the job you want. But once they get past the cover, it’s just as important to make sure they keep reading.

Start thinking like the role is already your responsibility. When the interviewer asks if you have any questions, the only wrong answer is “no”. Think like you are already a part of the company and you’ll naturally feel inclined to ask something. For example, ask about their strategy in the social media department – or what would be the top three things they would expect from a successful intern.

While these changes seem simple on paper, the difference they make in reducing the gap between you and your employer can be astounding. So don’t be disheartened by rejection letters. Every attempt can be a step forward in improving your communication skills, your presentation abilities and your confidence.


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