4 Ways To Boost Your Creativity In The Workplace

Creativity, that is, being able to create or conceive something original armed only with your imagination, is an enormously beneficial tool to have, particularly in the work place.

Whether you’re at the beginning of your career and looking to produce an eye-catching CV, aiming to make a name for yourself at your first creative brainstorm or looking to secure your company new business at a pitch, being able to think creatively will always give you the best chance to succeed.

Below, you’ll find four simple, achievable ways boost your creativity!

Go to an exhibition!

All it takes is one quick browse through a copy of Time Out to see that London is awash with incredible exhibitions. This, unsurprisingly, has wonderful implications for our imagination, with research undertaken by The University of Queensland demonstrating that visiting a museum can relieve mental fatigue, while Business Insider’s 21-day self-improvement programme similarly found that visiting a gallery can enhance critical thinking skills.

Such is the range and variety on offer you’ll never be found wanting when it comes to choosing where to go. From the more standard ‘arty’ exhibitions within well known galleries such as the Saatchi and the Tate Modern to the educational and informative galleries such as the Wellcome Collection and its celebrated mental health institution exhibition, Bedlam: the asylum and beyond, there’s a array of choice on offer.


Often derided as little more than a fruitless, time-wasting endeavour, it would appear there’s actually more to doodling than many realise.

Far from being counter-productive, Sunni Brown, founder of visual thinking consultancy, Sunni Brown Ink and author of The Doodle Revolution: Unlock the Power to Think Differently, has been a long-term advocator of its creative benefit. “When the mind starts to engage with visual language, you get neurological access that you don’t have when you’re in a linguistic mode”, comments Brown, who has also given a Ted Talk on the subject, highlighting its effectiveness in nurturing creative thought patterns.


While meditation and, specifically, the state of mindfulness, has been slowly creeping its way into popular awareness, there are still many people who, upon hearing the M word, conjure up thoughts of being sat cross-legged as they attempt to hum their souls into a state of ‘Zen’.

The truth, as ever, could not be further removed from this; indeed while its ability to reduce stress and anxiety has been well documented, what’s perhaps less well known is the benefits its can bring to you creatively.

According to scientists in Israel, meditation can lessen mental rigidity and increase creativity by reducing our reliance on ingrained patterns of thoughts and habits. Similarly, scientists from the University of Groningen and North Dakota State University discovered a link between mindfulness and creativity, especially in regards to our ability to spot and solve problems, while scientists at Leiden University found that meditation encouraged “divergent thinking”, which ultimately leads to the creation of new ideas.

Headspace is commonly regarded as the best app on offer, while Insight Timer similarly offers a diverse range of guided sessions and also represents a cost free option.


The temptation when living in a big city, particular one as well connected as London, can more often than not be insurmountable: why walk when you could get the tube and arrive at your destination in less than 10 minutes?

True, for the vast majority of the year, the British climate doesn’t exactly lend itself to a great number of walking opportunities, but research from Stanford University has shown that you’d be crazy not to take the time to go for even a casual stroll whenever you get half a chance. By analysing the levels of creativity of people while they walked versus while they sat, it was found that a person’s creative output increases on an average of 60% while walking.

So just to put that into perspective, you could be bypassing over half of your creative capacity by relying on the tube and bus every day. If you were just to get off a few stops early, you could – over time – be unlocking an abyss of creative thinking that could ultimately make the difference between an OK job and your dream job. In the media sector, such as PR, advertising and marketing, such levels of creativity could culminate itself in award-winning, business-securing campaigns and stunts.

Still think I’m crazy? Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg were and are both known to be practitioners of walking meetings, so if it’s good enough for them, what excuse do you have?!

So whatever your hobbies are, wherever you live and whatever line of work you’re looking to get into and succeed in, remember there are always ways which can help give you that extra advantage.

Not only are the suggestions above incredibly easy to perform, they also cost virtually nothing at all, giving you the opportunity and scope to enhance and expand your creative capacity in an unprecedented manner.


Felix Arbenz-Caines as a guest contributor for Inspiring Interns. Since studying for a degree in History and Politics at the University of Birmingham, he’s worked in PR and is now looking to kick-start a career in copywriting. Check out his blog here

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