The Future’s Bright For Female Grads

  • October 11, 2016
  • Nat

It’s no secret that, generally, women do worse than men in the workplace. This is just as applicable to the graduate jobs market as anywhere else.

Just look at the numbers. A recent Cambridge Careers Service report found that female grads earn £5000 less than their male colleagues straight out of their degree. And this is a global trend. According to the Economic Policy Instutute over in the US, male grads now earn 8.1% more than they did in 2000, while female university-leavers earn 6.8% less.

Now the reasons for this discrepancy are debatable. It’s a common argument that women opt more for ‘soft’ career paths – media, editorial, etc – that will pay less than traditional financial roles. Or there are recent reports that women are taught to expect less money straight out of uni, and this self-fulfilling prophecy affects their earnings accordingly. Whatever the cause, the gender pay gap is closing only very slowly – at 2.5 pence per year – with parity not expected until 2069.

That said, significant movements are being made in the graduate world on behalf of women. Females are now more likely to gain a university degree, including in many science fields. Though women are less likely to apply for top graduate jobs, research by the Association of Graduate Recruiters shows that they are more likely to gain placements if they do.

So have a look at our video, and remember: it’s only up from here!


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