Women Asked Three Times as Many ‘Inappropriate’ Interview Questions

A new study by graduate recruitment app Debut, has uncovered a shocking disparity between awkward, even illegal interview questions asked to women and those asked to men.

In the study of over 2,800 individuals, it’s been uncovered that just under 25% have been asked about their future family plans, while more than a quarter were asked about their marital status.

Under UK law, employers are not allowed to ask questions with regards to love life, family plans, age or health, so these figures reveal a shocking lack of legality throughout the recruitment process.

While men are more likely to be asked about their sexual preferences, women are asked intrusive, inappropriate questions about almost everything else, including being almost five times more likely to be illegally asked about their age.

Check out the below infographics to find out more.


(Source: http://debut.careers/2016/01/07/women-three-times-as-likely-to-be-asked-inappropriate-interview-question/)