Seven Best Questions to Ask in Your Interview

At Inspiring interns we’re constantly asking graduates and businesses questions to make sure we can match them perfectly, so young people can get their ideal graduate jobs.

In an interview for a graduate job it is important to remember that asking the right questions can tell you a lot more about the company than googling, plus it highlights your thinking style and can act as an extension to the interview.


Seven of the best questions to ask at an interview to make sure you get the job:

What is the most important thing to be accomplished in the first 60 days in this role?

This shows your work style of focusing on the most important tasks, and helps you know what to focus on if you get the job/internship.

What are some challenges the person filling this position will face?

Asking this question highlights that you face challenges head on, rather than avoiding them. How the interviewer responds also tells you a lot; are they honest, or does it sound like they’re glossing over what the real challenges are?

What are your company’s values?

How they answer will indicate whether the company lives by their values, or just talks about them. Plus this question shows that you care about company values and whether it’s a fit with your own values.

How would you describe your company culture and management style?

Company culture is the most important thing for you to get a feel for. Good company culture will make your work life enjoyable, with possibilities for growth and collaboration in your role. Bad company culture, working in a negative and disempowering environment, will make you want to quit as soon as possible.

Can you tell me about the team I’d be working with?

This question tells you about the culture of your team, which can be more important than company culture.

Do you have any feedback or hesitations that I can address at this stage?

This question is gutsy, which is why it’s brilliant. It shows you’re confident in your skills and abilities, and secure enough to openly discuss your vulnerabilities. And it demonstrates that you’re coachable, which is very attractive to the interviewer.

What is the next step in the process?

Asking this is essential. It shows that you’re keen to be hired, and want to know what to expect next. It shows you follow up to find out next steps.