How Inspiring Interns can help you take advantage of the Northern Powerhouse

As a recruitment agency we work exclusively with graduates in order to place them in internships with great companies, with the intention of going permanent. We already have a booming office in London, and here in Manchester we are following suit, fusing the North’s brightest graduates with the best opportunities in the Northern Powerhouse.

The Northern Powerhouse is the next big opportunity for graduates and businesses alike. In an effort to expand the UK, the Treasury aims to add an additional £44 billion to the northern economy over the next 18 years, harnessing the talent of 15 million people and 23 of the UKs universities (five of which are in the top 20 British research institutions).

Today the economy of the three northern regions is worth £289 billion. If it were a national economy, the north of England would rank as tenth largest in the EU. Plus a recent report has found that Manchester is likely to outperform global cities like Berlin, Tokyo and Paris in terms of jobs growth over the next five years, with an expected growth of 3.8 %.

Since 2010 in Manchester, figures show that there has been a growth in employment of 68,154. This is mainly thanks to the professional services industry, but Manchester is also one of the fastest growing cities for jobs in management consultancy, finance, law and advertising. The research also shows that between 2010 and 2015 Manchester created almost 14,000 jobs in professional services, and 3,218 jobs in manufacturing, across pharmaceuticals, components and plastic products and printing.

Have we piqued your curiosity? Not only is Manchester, and the Northern Powerhouse, a great up-and-coming place to get a graduate job, it’s also a great place to live. With affordable rent, great work opportunities, and a growing number of social and entertainment events, it is the place to be!
The Guardian agrees with us, recently publishing an article advising young people looking for work and a good lifestyle to move to Manchester.
Here at Inspiring we are very excited about the opportunities that are here for graduates.

Since being established in 2009 Inspiring Interns have placed an amazing 5,000 candidates – would you like to be the next inspiring intern? Check out our latest Manchester graduate jobs and internships!

Inspiring Interns
Inspiring Interns

Edited by Catherine Moolenschot