Bidstack on X-Factor style hunt: Win A £30k Graduate Job in Marketing & Watch your Video CV at the cinema


Watch this video for the do’s and don’ts from Bidstack founder James Draper.

Tech start-up Bidstack is to appoint a marketing executive through an X Factor-style recruitment event.

The start-up is recruiting a £30,000 a year graduate and will let the public decide the winner after watching their video CV performance.

Graduates interested in the role are to make a 60-second video CV showcasing why they are right for the role and why they want to work for this exciting start-up.

The top six video CVs shortlisted will be shown on the biggest cinema screen in Europe, before each candidate is interviewed X Factor-style in front of the cinema audience who will decide their fate.

Bidstack founder James Draper said:
“People think I am crazy to do this. But we are going to hire whoever the audience decides even though I will not have met the candidate.”

“We think the video CV is a great way to find the perfect person, as Bidstack is all about thinking fast. We are looking for someone who is bright, gets social media, and has a bit of pizazz and spark about them. It’s a great opportunity. You learn so much at a start-up, far more than you would at a big corporate company.”

The vote takes places this Friday, October 23 at Cineworld’s 650 super seater cinema at London’s O2, as part of Bidstack’s champagne launch event.

Bidstack is a real-time bidding company, which helps companies buy online advertising space.

It is looking to raise £175,000 in exchange for 15% of the company via the Seedrs crowdfunding platform.

Friday’s event, which is being sponsored by recruitment consultancy agency Inspiring Interns, (that’s us!) it’ll also feature Bidstack’s launch campaign, created by Habana Creative, and interviews with investors in the company.

Inspiring Interns founder Ben Rosen said: “The video CV is a great way for candidates to promote themselves to employers, as it gives them a chance to really show off their skills in just 60 seconds.

“The days of the paper CV are fading fast as video is much more engaging and gives employers chance to assess communication, personality and presentation skills.”

Bidstack’s launch event takes place on October 23 between 6.45pm and 9pm at London’s 02.

Here’s a link to the unusual video CV of one candidate who has set his sights on the job at Bidstack.

Please contact Katie Appleby, Head of PR at Inspiring Interns, on: 0207 269 6720 or via email: to arrange interviews with candidates, Ben Rosen or James Draper.