4 apps to inspire your iPhone… (or Android)

(iPhone and Android)
What is it? Visualize your plans using flowcharts! Sound cool? Instead of writing endless lists, just doodle and let this app do the hard work for you.
What’s it good for? Student/graduate life admin, work planning or setting up longer term goals.
Says who? Whether you’re a university student trying to plan who’s doing what in your seminar presentation or you’re getting stuck into a hands-on graduate job and trying to plan life around it; check it out.

The Hunt
(iPhone and Android)
What are we hunting? Clothes, jewellery, that bag your friend’s friend’s sister put on Facebook and you now need in your life; it’s all here.
What’s it good for? Post a picture of what you’re looking for and the eager eyed Hunt community (over three million savvy shoppers) will help you find it, style it or buy it for less. As a member of the community you can return the favour and help others to find their next must-have accessory. Expect fashion tips and discover new places to shop.
Says who? Fashionista milenials have jumped on this bandwagon; the audience is 90% female, but that isn’t to say you lads can’t pick up us a fresh tee or nice bargain along the way.

My Minutes
What is it? If you’re a professional procrastinator, this app could be your calling. Download for free and set time limits for tasks from the mundane to the insane!
What’s it good for? You could be a runner setting targets before the big race or a graduate just trying to focus on the job hunt task at hand, so upgrade your time management system and see if this works for you.
Who’s using it? Apparently this app isn’t just for the super organised (though how do you think they became organised in the first place, eh?) Students and grads could find it a useful tool.

What is it? Ever fancied yourself as a DJ or newscaster? This surprisingly simple app lets you start hosting your own live radio show online in minutes.
What’s it good for? Invite friends over social media or send the link via web and email; built-in messaging gives two-way communication with your listeners. It’s a great way to start your own talk radio podcast, report breaking news or just share favorite tunes from your phone.
Who’s on it? Budding music moguls, this one’s for you.

Katie is a digital marketing executive at Inspiring. A dancer, sport and health & fitness enthusiast, she likes to move, tweet and blog.

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