Learn the basics of coding & become more employable

What? Beginner’s coding workshop
When? Monday 27th January
Where? Shepherd’s Bush, West London

The ability to read and write code (we’re talking the computer kind, not Morse) is an incredibly powerful skill. Any job which requires you to work closely with a developer (we’re talking digital marketing, advertising, account management in a media agency and many others. Check out our marketing internships, advertising internships and PR internships pages for jobs and internships.) means you will most likely need to know about the fundamental elements of what a website is and how it is built, and this involves learning how to code. Even basic web development knowledge can give any job application a huge advantage – technical know-how is invaluable when paired with a bit of commercial nous and an awareness of the basics of marketing.

Learn to code
Sublime Text will be your friend
As an intern recruitment agency with five years’ experience of placing over 3,000 graduates into internships and jobs, we at Inspiring Interns understand how crucial coding knowledge can be in differentiating your CV from stiff competition and getting a job, so we thought we’d recommend a short course to help you get started.

We have partnered with Coderwave to offer you the chance to take part in a one-day coding workshop for beginners at a discounted price taking place on Monday 27th January.
You will understand what it actually means to publish and create a website, familiarise with the technical terms, and in general learn more about software development practises. You’ll learn how to use HTML, CSS and a basic introduction to Ruby programming.

Sign up here and use our exclusive discount code ‘inspire’ for 20% discount. If you are an unemployed graduate and you claim JSA, check with your adviser at your job centre as you may be eligible for funding, but this is completely at their discretion.

The technical stuff the workshop will cover:
• Introduction: Internet, Client/Server Architecture and Programming.
• How to use the Terminal and Command Prompt.
• Basic Ruby Programming.
• Setting up working environment.
• Sublime Text Editor.
• Ruby Framework for Server Programming: Sinatra.
• HTML and CSS introduction.
• Publish your website: Setting up Heroku and Git.
• Responsive Web Design: Use Twitter Bootstrap to create a mobile friendly site.
• Grid System, and CSS styling.

If this all sounds alien to you, it’s time to learn to code.

And if you’re already up-to-scratch with the above, the discount code will give you a 20% discount on Coderwave’s more advanced courses too.

Please note: Inspiring Interns has no official affiliation with Coderwave and only recommends this third party service.