Why Twitter is my favourite job hunting site

I know there are countless websites dedicated to finding a job. But at the end of the day Twitter is my favourite. Not designed as a job hunting site, but in my opinion one of the best. Especially for the media jobs I’m looking for.

As we’re well into the social media age, it’s becoming easier and easier to find a job on sites you most likely visit every day for non-job hunting activities. In the mid-day sun of the social media age, nearly every company will have a Twitter account and the majority of them will be controlled by a person. A person who already has a job within the company you want to work for.

From my time being a Twitter job hunter I have devised three ways to use this social network for job hunting. Yes three, most actual job hunting sites only let you have one. Type in job/location and see what’s on offer. Twitter’s also really good to find one off jobs if you’re freelancing as well, something I’ve found to be difficult on job hunting sites.

The first one is for people who just want to see what jobs are floating round the twittersphere. Simply type in search words like you’d use on any job hunting site. Typing #job is a bit risky as the twittersphere spans not only counties, but countries. So be more location specific. It’s also advisable to know what industry you want to have a job in so you don’t have to sift through miles upon miles of tweets.

The second option is to follow users who feed is made up of job adverts. Many of these are job hunting websites. So at the end of the day you will still be applying through their website, but it’s useful for job hunting while on the go. Just favourite these tweets and you can apply for them at a more suitable time. The lovely people at Twitter will also give you some suggestions based on the job sites you’ve followed. Which is how I stumbled upon Inspiring Interns.

Way three is for people who know exactly what company they want to work for/ intern at and in what role. Within this there are a few ways to go about it. This is completely dependent upon the company. Firstly, read through the tweets to see if there are any jobs available. If they haven’t tweeted any recently have a nosey at their website, there might be something there. If there isn’t anything currently, you can always give them a quick tweet asking if they have any coming up. It’s always worth a try, and introduces you to them as an interested party. So if you do end up applying when a new post comes up they may remember you. Which is always good. I’ve found that many smaller companies list the Twitter handles of the people who contribute to the companies feed in their bio. It’s sometimes worth following the personal accounts of these people and even a good Twitter relationship with these people can be the deciding factor of getting an interview.

As mentioned before Twitter is fantastic for freelance and one off type jobs. Many of the companies I follow on Twitter are always looking for content for their blog and therefore blogging contributors. Which is brilliant for me as I love writing. And all these little bits I do get added to my portfolio which is helping me when I apply for jobs and also gives me, and my blog, a little more exposure.

Lucy is a film graduate from Falmouth University. She recently moved to London after a long stint in hospitality management and is currently a full-time blogger. She tweets from @zombielucy