Inspiring’s Google+ #gradhangout

By Andrew Scherer

Once you leave the warm bosom of university and head into the cold, unforgiving real world it can be difficult to make that first break into fully fledged employment. What sort of candidates are companies looking for? Where are these vacancies to be found? How can you get a hiring manager to sit up and take notice of you? What can you do when you receive a rejection? And where do internships sit in this whole career conundrum?

Clearly, recent graduates have plenty of questions to grapple with in the search for their first job. So Inspiring Interns, the country’s leading graduate internship agency, are going to help out. With a hangout.

At 2pm on Wednesday 14th August, you are cordially invited to join us on our Google Plus page or on our YouTube Channel as our Head of HR, Helen Vaughan, and our Marketing Manager, Andrew Scherer (author of Brilliant Intern) host a Google Hangout on all things graduate job.

The aim is to give you as much insight as possible into the things that will take you from just another applicant to a company’s new star employee. We’d love to hear any questions or topics you would like us to cover so please do leave a comment below or get in touch on Twitter or Facebook and be sure to use the hashtag #gradhangout!

We’ll pop the video of the hangout on here once it has happened so you can refer back to it at your pleasure/point your friends in its direction/in due course show it to your grandchildren.

See you next Wednesday!

Andrew James Scherer was thrust into this world in 1986 and from the moment he was born knew he was destined for the top…of the marketing department at Inspiring Interns. Scherer somehow persuaded Inspiring to take him on in November 2009 and has been immovable since. Can be found @scheza on Twitter. You can also connect with Andrew on Google+!