From a small beauty blog to the opportunity of a lifetime

I’m Danielle and I’ve had a keen interest in all things beauty since my teen years. After reading other make-up blogs and watching YouTube videos on how-to, favourites and general advice for about two years, I decided to set up my own blog in January 2012. Starting off small with just a few posts a week on make-up and skincare that I loved, it has since developed into a lifestyle blog where I’m sharing my latest adventure; working at Walt Disney World, Florida for the summer.

I found out that I had got my place on the Disney International College Program in November 2012 and since then, I decided that whilst I was out there I would document what I was up to, along with a few American beauty posts as that’s where my love and passions originally lied.

It’s now July 2013 and I can honestly say I am having the time of my life. For the last month I have been working at 50s Prime Time in Hollywood Studios. I have a cute pink striped skirt and shirt with a little white pinny and I get to yell ‘kids’ in for dinner and tell them that ‘mom’s’ looking forward to cooking for them and other quirky things like that. The restaurant is themed like ‘mom’s kitchen’ in the 1950s. There are black and white American cube TVs and the servers aren’t afraid to tell you off for having your elbows on the table or make you stand in a corner for not eating your greens.

When I’m not working, I’m taking advantage of the free Disney World park entrance that I get as a cast member. I made a list of things I wanted to make sure I did whilst being here for the summer and I’m gradually checking them all off. I’ve been writing a weekly post of the things I’ve been up to, which is heavily photo bound, to let everyone know how I’m getting on. I have met so many different people and the experience will leave me with some amazing friends for life, all over the world.

For those still in university, I cannot stress enough how much fun but also rewarding the experience has been so far. Being able to live and work in America is an amazing opportunity but working for one of biggest and best entertainment companies in the world has been an incredible insight to how and why it has got to where it is today.

I have loved writing about my everyday life and I’m going to continue this when I’m home. Beauty is still a major topic on the blog but I have been able to get a wider audience not only in the personalities of the readers, but also in the exposure I have been getting in America. From something that was just a hobby, it has now opened my eyes to a potential career direction which I will be focusing on wholeheartedly upon my return to the UK.

Danielle is a lifestyle and beauty blogger and is currently posting about her adventures in Florida along with some posts about American beauty products. You can read her blog at and find her on Twitter @missdanielleeex!