Think you’re the smartest summer intern in London? Prove it.

This summer, Bloomberg is hosting the BAT Summer Intern Challenge. The challenge aims to recognize the best and brightest interns as the future finance stars of tomorrow. In order to participate in the challenge, students must take the Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) before July 25th of this year.

The BAT is a two hour, multiple choice question exam in which students and recent graduates can showcase their strengths across 8 key performance areas (including Economics, News Analysis, and Chart and Graph Analysis) and connect with employers seeking candidates for hire. You can take the BAT on a university campus or at a Bloomberg office at a set date and time or, through our “Take the BAT Now” feature, take the exam at any time from any computer (with a web cam).

The top 100 scorers during this time will receive an invitation to an exclusive networking event in London on August 1st, 2013, where they can interact with smart peers and enhance their professional networks exponentially. The event will take place in the Earth Hall at the Natural History Museum and include drinks, food and music

In addition, the top 10 performers from each global region (Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific) will be featured in the BAT Hall of Fame. Visit our site to check out our current top scorers.

You can take the BAT any time from any computer or at a scheduled physical session in the London Bloomberg office.

To learn more about the Summer Intern Challenge and to register for the BAT, please visit

Are you up for The Challenge?