The Internship – embracing Googliness

By Alex Townley

Last night, Tuesday 2nd July, I attended a press screening of the internship with 3 of the Inspiring team, two current interns, two winners of our Facebook competition and two winners from our Twitter competition.

The Internship sees Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson reunite for the first time since Wedding Crashers to play down-and-out unemployed salesmen. Realising that they are unskilled “dinosaurs” in the job market, they successfully apply for an internship at Google after a completely ridiculous video interview in their local library, and become Nooglers (new Googlers, geddit?). Expect lots of laughter as Vaughn and Wilson rekindle their on-screen chemistry throughout their internship at Google in their attempts to motivate generation Y, featuring a lengthy scene in a strip-club, missing eyebrows and a cameo from Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google.

The story is uplifting, funny and oozes Googliness, helped by the fact that the majority of the film takes place in Google’s infamous offices – think lots of nap-pods and bean bags. Indeed, the film feels like the ultimate product placement at times as we are led around Google’s offices, learn about Google’ offerings, and see just what it might be like to work there.

While the film offers a clear (if Hollywood-ised) picture of what an internship means at Google, it comes across as much more akin to a competition than the kind of internships we at Inspiring Interns normally deal with. There are similarities; interns are assigned a mentor and given projects to learn about and work on; but at Google these interns are divided into, and compete as, teams. Intern’s individual brilliance is often overlooked and the majority have no prospect for a full-time role, but the focus is on learning hard and soft skills.

Our CEO, Ben Rosen, really enjoyed the film: The Internship, whilst very funny, has many underlying themes that are really important to today’s interns. It highlights the importance of true teamwork and shows how by working together you can get the best out of your colleagues. This requires both complete respect for others and gaining an appreciation of what makes your team- mates tick to get the best out of them. My main thought was to always remember that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The aim at Inspiring Interns and Billy and Nicky’s aim in The Internship is to try and secure that elusive full-time role at the end of the internship. I would say that being a complete team player is key to earning yourself a full-time role!

A message we’re certain the director would want you to take away from watching the movie. In all seriousness though, we’d recommend this film to Vaughn and Wilson fans, you’re guaranteed a laugh and this could be interesting for anyone completing an internship! It’s out today and in all the big cinemas.

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If anyone from Google is reading this and you’re struggling to find the best candidates, you know who to call! Ghostbusters. Say what?

Alex, or Towners as he is affectionately known, has been at Inspiring since December 2010. He enjoys sport, cinema, sharks and supports Arsenal. Alex occasionally blogs on, tweets @agtownley or you can add him to your circles on Google+.