My Indian experience – a travel blog

Editor’s note: Following the successes of Jonny Livingstone’s blogs from his trip around South America, we are happy to introduce Inspiring Interns’ new travel blogger, James Wilmshurst! Hopefully you’ll enjoy James’ tales and pick up some advice along the way – if you have visited any of the places that James ends up in, then please leave a comment with your tips at the bottom of the blog!

Meet James!So, on 5th July I, James Wilmshurst, 25 year old male solo traveller will be leaving these shores and heading to possibly the most diverse, intriguing yet compounding country in the world, India.

Rewind just over a month though and I’ve handed my notice in at Hallmark Cards where I’ve been a Product Manager since late 2010 and I’m moving back in with my parents! But this is just a small sacrifice I’m making which will hopefully lead to a trip I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

Having travelled before through South America, from Quito to Buenos Aires and through South East Asia from Hanoi to Bangkok, it has always been my desire to embark on another adventure whilst I don’t have the responsibilities of a mature adult, i.e. a missus and mortgage (I maintain that I could get both if I tried). I hope this trip will be different though, in that one of the end results will be to build a career in travel, the industry where my passion lies and this time I will keep a blog, something I regret not doing previously. Hopefully these blogs will give you an insight into the life of a solo traveller in India, and the emotions, both physically and mentally I go through and will bring to life the very memorable positive and negative parts of my journey.

My trip starts off in Bengaluru before I make my way to the southern tip of the country, Kerala, where I will be teaching English for two months. I then make my way up to Varanasi to assist a Fair Trade Card Company which employs local underprivileged children to photograph their lives and the surrounding area. These photos then get transferred onto cards, with a percentage of the profits going back to the children to help develop their own business ideas or to help fund their education. From Varanasi I’ll make my way down to Goa for the New Year to meet friends before making my way up to Delhi for February/March 2014 (when I told a friend who has recently returned from two months in India that I was going for eight months or more, he laughed and told me I’ll be home within 4, or I’ll die…a good start then!). You’ll realise I’m taking a bit of an unorthodox route, and with a month to go I have no idea how I’ll get to these places (the Indian rail ticket system is already annoying me and I’m not even in the country) or how to speak the language, but I’ll have to make it happen one way or another!

The plan is to update the blog every couple of weeks, so my next entry will be a few days after landing. Hopefully I’ll be in one piece and will have found my hostel! I’ve just got to find my passport now….

Keep up to date with James’ uncensored travel experiences on Twitter here: @onlyonejaw