Graduate weapons for attacking the job hunt – mobile

The mobile industry. A vibrant and evolving sector that sits at the heart of everyday life for a growing proportion of the global population. It’s dynamic in its existence, spanning across thousands of companies, from small to large, from service providers, software and application developers to handset manufacturers. With one billion new subscribers in the past four years, the total number of mobile users now stands at approximately 3.2 billion. That’s almost half of world’s population using mobile communications. At a time when the state of the economy is, at best, stagnant, this industry is bucking the trend to deliver fast growth and (most importantly) lots of new jobs. There’s no denying that this is an attractive industry for you grads still looking for the right career path to travel down. So, for this next instalment of graduate weapons, I attempt to breakdown the desirable characteristics of candidates pursuing these exciting opportunities in the mobile industry.

First stop: what careers are available to you in this industry? Given how fresh mobile is as a sector, I thought it best to identify what opportunities lie within your grasp. The number of mobile related internships that Inspiring receive is unsurprisingly on the rise, from mobile network operators, mobile advertising and marketing to mobile solutions, the spectrum is a broad one. Key opportunities include account executives, advertising operations, analytics and technical roles.

The Lewis Hamilton-esque speed at which this sector is developing has allowed for a margin of discrepancy in terms of suitable qualification requirements. As it stands, university degree offerings do not cater specifically to the mobile industry, and given the vast nature of the industry, this is an open opportunity for candidates to tailor the knowledge gained from their degrees in different fields and demonstrate how they can apply this to positions in the mobile industry. As this field grows we have noted companies growing desire for candidates with analytical degrees, as well as qualifications in marketing, science and numerical subjects.

The should-haves
An interest in mobile should be your basic weapon. This can be strengthened by an active awareness and understanding of industry elements and developments. Tech-savvy candidates that articulate a keen interest in new technologies will be favoured. With ever-more companies striving to get a piece of the mobile pie and become dominant forces before the market is saturated there are plenty of organisations out there looking for the fresh young talent to support their competitive vision. Demonstrating a passion for developing a successful career in one of the world’s fastest growing industries is something that you should focus on. Given many of these organisations are young and innovative, applications should focus on illustrating flexibility and hands-on characteristics that lend you to those newer, dynamic companies. Candidates need to be able to thrive in a fast changing environment.

Winning characteristics: The mobile sector operates on a global scale, spreading worldwide with a disease like effect. Highlighting any language capabilities will automatically strengthen your application. Bring these to the forefront of your abilities!

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Hannah is a Digital Marketing Intern at Inspiring. She tweets about all things golden here: @hlcroberts and pins all things pretty here: gildthelilly.