Seven ways to keep motivated whilst graduate job hunting

We’ve all been there. Reality has hit. The wildest three or four years of your life came to an end a few months ago and you’re staring rather blankly at the very bottom of your career ladder. It’s a well-known fact that graduate job hunting is not a simple, quick or painless task. It takes time to find the perfect position, and for some it can take months. Whatever the case, the key is to keep motivated. Below are a few tips that I have put together to help you through this short period of darkness and into the light…

1. Establish goals: Set yourself a few targets, daily or weekly, to give yourself a sense of achievement when fulfilled. Perhaps aim to find and apply to at least two jobs that actually interest you each day, or ensuring that you tailor your applications to meet the requirements of every role you apply for.

2. Get yourself into a routine: It may sound silly, but waking at the same (reasonable) time every morning will provide you with some much needed structure to your day. It will also reduce the shock to your body when you begin the 9 to 5.

3. Exercise: Your mind, body and soul. Get out of the house and get some good British fresh air into those lungs. Whether it’s a ten minute walk around the block, a half hour run around the park or a friendly game of Korfball; whatever floats your boat, get your blood pumping and release those endorphins.

4. Change of scenery: Hours spent staring at a computer trawling through job listings can often do more bad than good. Mix up your day, take frequent breaks, and don’t feel guilty about socialising. Meeting a friend for coffee can easily double-up as a practice interview.

5. View your CV as an open book: Use the spare time that you have to strengthen your skill-set where possible. Volunteer work is a great way to improve communication skills and keep you busy, so check out charities in your local area to see where you can help. Employers will recognise and appreciate your use of initiative.

6. Brighten your day with music: Music is the medicine of the mind, so stick on your favourite radio show, an upbeat playlist or decent podcast to lift your mood.

7. And finally, reward yourself: Remember to take time-off. Everyone benefits from regular down-time, so ensure that you always have something to look forward to. Positivity is key. Believe in your abilities, and keep checking the Inspiring Interns vacancies page for career opportunities!

Hannah is a Digital Marketing Intern at Inspiring. She tweets about all things golden here: @hlcroberts and pins all things pretty here: gildthelilly.