Healthy breakfast recipe ideas on the go

Even though breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it’s the most commonly skipped meal of all. Do you often find yourself dashing about to get out of the door and skipping your morning nourishment? Good news: Not all breakfasts require a fork and plate! There are plenty of breakfast options which are quick, simple and portable, so you can enjoy a balanced meal on the go.

It is important to start your workday right so here are my breakfast recipe ideas:

Yoghurt is a quick, easy and versatile breakfast option. You could have a different combination every day of the week. Some of the tastiest combinations are:

– Vanilla yogurt with cinnamon and banana
– Natural yoghurt with nuts, seeds and honey
– Strawberry yogurt with a spoonful of cocoa powder stirred in makes for a great chocolatey treat
– Mix oats and yogurt and leave overnight. The oats will be soft and chewy and in the morning just add some fruit or jam for a filling breakfast
– You can even put yoghurt on wholemeal toast with honey and pistachios

Fruit smoothie
A fruit smoothie can be made at the beginning of the week in large batches and refrigerated or frozen to last the whole week. Use a blender to blend up your favourite fruits, ice and honey to make a quick breakfast treat which can be poured into a Thermos and carried to work.

Breakfast pita
This may need some night before preparation but can provide you with a nutritional and balanced breakfast. Stuff your wholemeal pita bread with your favourite breakfast meats, eggs, cheese and vegetables to create a breakfast treat you eat at work. You could also create a pita using only fruits.

Use your loaf
By baking a fruity loaf at the weekend you can have a slice for breakfast each day to get your morning nutrition. If you warp it up well, the loaf will keep in the freezer for several months. Here are a couple delicious recipes you can try:

Malt loaf
Banana walnut loaf
Cinnamon almond loaf
Lemon blueberry loaf

We also asked our Twitter followers what their favourite breakfast recipes are. Here are some of their breakfast on the go ideas:

@emshealthykitch: “Crushed avocado on toast with a squeeze of lemon and a little salt & pepper. Porridge with berries or grated raw apple & cinnamon, natural yoghurt topped seeds & almonds & agave.”

@Riversidebaking: “These muffins are quick and easy. I freeze and take one out each evening for my breakfast in the morning:

@AnnaHoult: “I love eggs. I leave them boiling while I run about getting ready. Perfect with wilted spinach and wholemeal bread – easy! If you’re running late – take them in their shells to work or eat on the way! So versatile.”

@CaitrionaH88: “Cheeky almond croissant cannot go amiss.”

@katiewillis_: “I squeeze a lemon the night before and in the morning add hot water. Then I have a nakd bar on the go! @nakd_wholefoods #yum”

@Aafreenmuzaffar: “Oats and milk, apple and strawberry smoothie, almonds, brown bread and honey!”

Hannah is a Digital Marketing Executive at Inspiring. She blogs about food here: and tweets about food here: @misshana_. She squeezes in time for graduate careers advice and commuting rants too.