Top 6 things to do when it snows

Britain awoke to minus temperatures and a sprinkling of snow this morning, prompting a snow epidemic on social media, with people tweeting their snow pictures and weather updates. With more snow forecast to fall this week we have created a list of things to keep you entertained on a snow day.

Whether you are a lover or a hater of the white stuff, here is our list of things you can do when it snows:

1. Stay in and get cosy
Not a fan of the cold weather? A snow day is the perfect excuse to wrap up in a cosy jumper and blanket with your favourite film. I recommend something fun and light-hearted or something that transports you far away from the snowy weather outside.

2. Be pro-active
If you get snowed in then use the opportunity effectively. Start that blog you have been telling yourself you will start for months or get your CV up-to-date.

3. Be creative
Want to outdo your neighbour’s standard snowman? Why not create a snow castle or igloo? Or try one of these creations:

Two feet of snow

You could even get creative with the location. Maybe in a phone booth or up a tree?

4. Get cooking some homemade food
There is nothing better on a cold day than the warmth and smell of home cooking. If you can’t get to the shops then be imaginative and create something from the food you have in your cupboards or fridge. A homemade soup or stew is always a good winter warmer. Try these recipes:
Broccoli and Stilton soup
Roast carrot soup with pancetta croutons
Beef bourguignon

5. Get active
If the snow doesn’t bother you then wrap up warm, grab your wellies and go for a walk. With the lack of cars on the road the snow creates a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. If you are feeling brave then try sledging in a nearby park or start a snowball fight.

6. Take some photos
Are you a keen photographer? Snow can turn the ugliest surface into a glistening beauty. Get out your camera and take some snaps. From pictures of wildlife to close-ups of branches you can create some beautiful imagery.

Hannah is a Digital Marketing Executive at Inspiring. She blogs about food here: and tweets about food here: @misshana_. She squeezes in time for graduate careers advice and commuting rants too.