The top 5 blogs of 2012

As the end of the year fast approaches, we would like to give you a quick run-down of our best blog posts of 2012.

Check out the blog posts below for our most viewed blogs of this year covering everything from careers advice, weird and wonderful facts, Inspiring office antics and graduate news.

1. 10 of the most bizarre jobs in the world
This list of bizarre jobs was our most viewed blog post of 2012. With professions like snake ‘milker’ and fortune cookie writer making an appearance we aren’t really surprised it was a popular read. Maybe some of you even discovered your true calling…

2. 8 successful student businesses started at university
In second spot is our list of successful business ideas started by students. From world-dominating giants to a thriving ice-cream parlour started by London Business School students, we compiled 8 of the most intriguing businesses started at university.

3. The coolest offices in the world
We like to think that Inspiring HQ is pretty cool but these offices, with their underground lairs and astroturf carpets, just blow ours out of the water…

4. Why being a graduate in 2012 is a good thing
This positive outlook on 2012 was written by Corin Jackson. With a constant barrage from the media saying it’s near enough impossible to get a job, Corin reminds us that being a graduate in 2012 is actually pretty awesome…

5. 5 ridiculous ideas that made millions
Who doesn’t love a million pound idea? This list of ridiculous ideas that made millions came in at number 5 for the most viewed blog in 2012! Have you ever been flicking through a catalogue, browsing online or out window shopping and thought; ‘what a simple idea, I could have come up with that’? Some of the world’s most popular inventions came from very silly ideas that turned into million pound businesses…

Here’s to 2013 and whole lot more blogging fun!

Happy New Year,

The Inspiring team!

Hannah is a Digital Marketing Executive at Inspiring. She blogs about food here: and tweets about food here: @misshana_. She squeezes in time for graduate careers advice and commuting rants too.