Merry Christmas from Inspiring Interns

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, the winter solstice, the Day of the Birth of the Unconquered Sun (unlikely unless you’re Roman) or any other festival we hope you’re enjoying the festive season.

It’s been another big year at Inspiring and we thought we’d take this chance to share some of our highlights and successes from 2012. Hopefully they’ll inspire you onto bigger and better things in 2013 and beyond!

Will 2k be bettered next year?
The biggest news of the year at Inspiring HQ came in October as we celebrated creating our 2000th internship. That’s 2000 graduates placed into brilliant internships that give them a chance to learn new skills, develop their professional network and potentially find full-time employment. Indeed, over 1,300 of the 2000 have landed permanent graduate jobs with their employer as the result of an Inspiring internship – something we’re mightily proud of! It’s taken us three and a half years to reach 2k but as we continue to grow we’re targeting 3k in 2013. It’s a challenge but we think we’re up to the task. So keep your eyes peeled for even more opportunities coming your way in the New Year.

Putting the Zing in Ping Pong
Inspiring moved into brand shiny new headquarters at the tail end of 2011, where we installed a full-size table tennis table in the boardroom. As you do. This meant that 2012 has very much been the year of ping pong at Inspiring. There have been countless games, cheers and tears, and (now infamous) ping pong parties. For a sense of what goes down at these hotly-contested, fiercely fought-over tournaments, have a cheeky gander at this little video.

Dream roles from 2012

Drinks Branding Internship
This paid 12 month placement saw Rob Griffiths join a major international drinks company to work on their branding and marketing. He has been working on a range of exciting projects, including their Formula 1 sponsorship and their digital marketing.

Music Events Internship
University of Sussex graduate Victoria Ferguson landed this smashing little internship with an upcoming start-up operating in the music industry. In it she was able to learn all about putting on gigs, liaising with venues and bands and some social media marketing too.

Sports Marketing and Sponsorship Internship
We have recruited several interns for this position at what is arguably the largest sports brand on the planet. The internship has given them the chance to see first-hand how sponsorship and marketing functions within a big-name, international organisation.

Hello, goodbye
This year the Inspiring team has seen a few departures (sniff!) and plenty of new arrivals (huzzah!). In January the delightful Charlotte came on-board to join the business development team. When asked her to sum up her first year at Inspiring, she simply replied “Please don’t ask me to do this, I hate things like this.” Thanks, Charlotte!*

Our next new arrival was the effervescent Katy Teckkam, who joined the account management department. Katy was effusive when describing working here, stating (possibly with tongue partially placed in cheek) “It’s been the most magical experience! The people have been wonderful.” She then did a little dance in the style of a meerkat. Cheers Tekkers!

We then had the pleasure of Erika Jonakite joining the Inspiring crew in April. Erika is a part of our HR team, and when asked what she thought of her first eight months here she tilted her head slightly, narrowed her eyes and gently responded, “Yeah it’s been good, why?” Moving stuff, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Finally, the lovely Millie became our final new recruit of 2012 when she attached herself to the account management team in November. When asked for a few words on how excited she was to join Inspiring Interns, Millie gushed “Can you not make something up for me?” Heart-warming.

Very sadly 2012 has also seen us bid farewell to Naila, Nadia and Robyn as they move onto pastures new. While it is always hard to say goodbye, it’s been an absolute pleasure working with the three musketeers (as they’ve never been called) and we wish them the very best with their next steps in life.

So that’s a quick run-down of Inspiring Interns’ 2012. We laughed, we cried, we helped a load of people start their careers. Enjoy the festive period, don’t eat too many mince pies (actually do, they’re great), and don’t forget you can keep applying throughout December.

*She did, in her defence (and ours), go on to say she has really enjoyed her first year at Inspiring and loves being part of the team. Ahh.

Andrew James Scherer was thrust into this world in 1986 and from the moment he was born knew he was destined for the top…of the marketing department at Inspiring Interns. Scherer somehow persuaded Inspiring to take him on in November 2009 and has been unmovable since. Can be found @scheza on Twitter and intermittently at