Numerically-minded graduates, you’ve got options!

Many numerical graduates choose to work in business, finance and accountancy-related fields but there are many other careers that you may not have considered. These popular choices are not the only well paid industries you can enter with a numerate educational background such as; maths, physics, mechanical science, engineering, statistics or similar.

Most areas of business and industry rely on people with good mathematical knowledge. Numerical skills are still some of the most sought after across all industries, with numeracy degrees offering an excellent grounding for various careers and providing you with a wide array of both subject-specific and transferable skills. These skills which include; logical and quantitative thinking, numeracy, problem-solving and analytical skills are required in many different sectors including; research and development, IT and software, management, website or data analytics, media buying and merchandising.

As a numerical graduate there are a huge range of careers open to you, and employers are likely to be impressed with your specific numerical skills. Play on these in the right way, and you could begin a career in any of the following roles:

Data Analyst
A Data Analyst collects, organises and analyses data from various resources. The role typically involves examining how changes in internal and external environmental factors, like strategy and product changes, government legislation and base rate changes could impact the business. The Data Analyst generally uses data management and reporting systems to collect and organise specific data drawn from relational databases.

Some of our available data analyst roles include:

Business Analyst Internship

Junior Data Analyst

Digital (marketing/website) Analyst
The role of a Digital Analyst is a more specific version of a Data Analyst. A Digital Analyst analyses online/digital marketing and website data. Typical daily tasks include; using Google Analytics to analyse web traffic, analysis for email marketing purposes and creating customer data lists to send promotional and informational emails. Email analytics involves looking at the performance of the email campaigns, split-testing subject lines, designs, offers, and looking at open rates, click through rates.

Some of our available digital analyst roles include:

eCommerce Marketing Analyst Internship

Digital Business Analyst Internship

Marketing Analytics Internship

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Media Planner/Buyer
A Media Planner Buyer delivers effective, innovative and integrated media planning and buying campaigns for clients. Typical duties would include; ensuring media planning and buying campaign reports are accurately maintained and that key trends are identified for optimisation, to conduct media and consumer research, and analyse data for relevant insights. The role would also involve implementing online and offline media planning and buying campaigns, whilst ensuring trafficking runs smoothly.

Some of our available media planner/buyer roles:

Media Executive

Media Planning & Buying Internship

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Ad Operations
An Ad Operations Executive is usually in charge of optimising the delivery of advertising campaigns. Mobile, digital or online advertising is a division of the advertising industry that references electronic communication promotions and marketing. This can include website display advertising (banner ads or rich media advertising), text advertising, search advertising (paid search results), online video advertising, mobile and device advertising (SMS, wap display ads, video, application ads) and email display ads. The Ad Operations Executive may also be responsible for other functions such as pricing, ad product creation, research, vendor management and maintaining the hardware and software systems.

Some of our available ad operations internships include:

Junior Ad Operations Internship

Digital Ad Operations Internship

Ad Operations Executive Internship

A Merchandiser is the person responsible for deciding which products to buy and how they are displayed in shops. A merchandiser needs to know what’s new on the market, what the customers will like and which products will make a profit. Typical daily tasks are likely to include; visiting suppliers and manufacturers, analysing sales information, negotiating prices with suppliers, ordering goods, helping with promotions and advertising campaigns and producing sales projections

Some of our available merchandising roles include:

Fashion Merchandise Internship

IT and Computing
Computing careers often require numerical, analytical employees, so graduates with a mathematical or science based degrees are highly sought after. As long as you’re also computer literate then you can apply your numerical degree to a potentially lucrative career in IT.

Some of our available IT roles include:

Usability & UI Internship