6 bizarre products to make your commute nap more comfortable

After a company night out or a long week at work the train journey can be an excellent time to grab some much needed sleep. However, sleeping upright on a train or tube is often undignified, uncomfortable and in some cases embarrassing. Plus there is always that fear of waking up to find you have missed your stop!

We have come across some very bizarre products that could make your commute napping much more comfortable. Although most of them should probably not be used in public, they are all for sale and available to buy online.

Turn an uncomfortable nap into a relaxing and comfortable rest with these 6 ridiculous products. Buy at your own discretion:

1. The Ostrich Pillow

Block out other commuters and turn your head into a cushion with the ‘Ostrich Pillow’. This gigantic marshmallow-like helmet has been promoted as the perfect napping pod. If you don’t mind looking a little bizarre then this could be the solution to all your commuting napping problems. The pillow has already exceeded its $70,000 goal on Kickstarter by more than $35,000.

2. Commuter Helmet

Does your head tend to lull forward or to the side when you nap on the train? Have you ever woken up with the person sitting next to you trying to remove your head from their shoulder? Keep your head in place with the ‘Commuter Helmet’ which has a suction cup on the back to help you avoid those embarrassing moment. Another ingenious aspect of this product is the message on the front asking fellow passengers; ‘Could you please wake me up when I reach the stop printed below? Many thanks.’

3. The Laptop Snood-Hood

The idea of the ‘Laptop Snood-Hood’ is to provide the user “privacy, warmth, and concentration” when using a laptop in public spaces. It could also be a great place to take a nap without anyone knowing! Plus you won’t see the people pointing and staring at you.


4. Upright Sleeper

It’s nearly impossible to sleep comfortably upright, with the outcome normally being a stiff neck, snoring or worst of all, dribbling. For a comfortable upright sleep strap on the ‘Upright Sleeper’. Although it resembles some sort of torture device or medical-grade neck brace it promises to help you sleep upright by preventing your head from moving forward or back. That is, if you can even fall asleep while wearing it.

5. Pillowig

The ‘Pillowig’ is, as it suggests, a pillow that you need never take off. It is held in place eternally behind your head by an attached bathing-style cap and fetching chin strap. Not very stylish but you can literally sleep anywhere!

6. Skyrest Travel Pillow

The ‘Skyrest’ travel pillow has been titled the world’s most comfortable and versatile travel pillow. Well this guy looks undeniably comfortable! The inflatable pillow allows your head to tilt forward to help you get comfy rather than just wake you up when your head falls forward.

Or if you would rather stay awake on your commute then how about investing in a Bodum Travel Press. If you love real, freshly brewed coffee but don’t have the time to spare in the mornings then this could be the ideal product for you! The French press lid of the ‘Bodum Travel Press’ lets you brew a fresh cup of coffee on the go. A plastic flap on the lid pops open, allowing for easy, one-handed sipping.