Video CVs can improve your chances of application success

Keen to stand out in a crowded graduate job market but not sure how you do it? The new breed of job-seekers are promoting themselves with video offerings!

We record video CVs of all of our candidates to accompany their paper applications. They are a great way for you to showcase your abilities beyond the capabilities of a traditional CV. Our clients love the process of video CVs as it gives them an idea of your personality and how you present yourself. It brings you to life in a way that a standard CV can’t!

Video CVs are hugely effective and can greatly improve your chances of application success. They don’t have to be complicated and you can do them in the comfort of your own home. Just 30-60 seconds outlining your background, interests, skills and what you want to do. Give it a go and upload it here!

6 quick tips to make a super video CV:

• Avoid just reciting your CV and sounding like a scripted robot. Use the video to show off your personality!
• Keep focussed on what is most relevant and individual about you. This could include your most appropriate achievements, qualifications and experience.
• A lot of what you communicate is via your body language so maintain eye contact, don’t fidget and relax!
• Ensure the environment for the video is well lit and uncluttered.
• Think about what you are wearing, what it says about you and how reflects the industry you want to work in.
• Finally, close with a smile and thank them for listening.

Watch our video CV advice video for more handy tips: