Fashion on a budget

By Naomi Proudman. Naomi is an English and Creative Writing graduate from University of Cumbria and has performed at national cheerleading championships twice while at university. She loved it so much she found a squad in Birmingham and has been made stunt coach.

We all want (to some extent) to be smothered in designer labels and to have the latest accessories (purse pooch anyone?) but what happens when you can’t afford it? Don’t cry or hide behind your Vogue magazine! Just get savvy.

Find the fashion you love

You can look at all the fashion magazines you want as long as you mark your favourite items, whether it’s shoes, bags, or that little black dress. I used to flick through Look magazine and rush past the designer pages to the High Street pages or I would feel so down that I couldn’t afford the stuff I fell in love with. Find your fashion!

eBay it!

There are some incredible fashion websites out there, you just have to find them. I cannot stress this enough: EBAY IS YOUR FRIEND!! What do you do when you grow out of that expensive dress you had for prom? You put it on eBay. There are some right bargains on that website and you can fish them out. Found a pair of Kurt’s that you really love? Try eBay. Found a Henry Holland dress that has your name on it? Look on eBay. You get the picture.

Don’t dismiss the sale rail

It may be considered last season, but who cares if that hand finished navy blazer that seems to have been made for you was made last year? If it still looks fantastic, bring it back to life with a new season top. Everyone loves a bargain so make sure that’s the first place you look.

Secret sales

What if I told you that you could get a Kurt Geiger bag for only £25.00? You’d probably cry right? All you need to do is sign up to and you can find nearly every high street label and designer in the world. You can even sign up with Facebook!

Charity shops are treasure troves

I know that everyone thinks that charity shops are for old people, but think about it. That pair of really nice jeans from last season? They might not fit anymore so they might go to the charity shop and they’ll be yours for the taking. Someone found a bag in a charity shop, one of three made, and it turned out to be worth a fortune! You can even get suits and wedding dresses from charity shops! Don’t turn your nose up at it; you don’t have to tell anyone is was from a charity shop…

You don’t need a designer budget to wear designer clothes, you just need to know where to find them.

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